DIY dining table

Posted June 15, 2009

A comment from Briggs lekehus saying she envis our big dining table, reminded me that I haven't told you the story about our table.

Before we moved to this apartment, we lived 3 years in a 30 m2 (ca 322 ft2) apartment. It worked very well because it was a very functional space, but there was one thing we missed: A big table so we could host dinner parties. We love entertaining!

The first thing on our list of new furniture to buy for the new apartment was, of course, a big dining table. We pictured a big, soild one in oak, but we soon found out that it was way out of our budget. So Sølve, the handyman, said: "Let's just build the table!" He didn't just want to build it, he wanted to build it using really cheap material. In Norwegian we just call it "to tom to", at least that's what Sølve calls it. I have no idea what's it's called in English, but you can see the material in the photos; thin wooden sticks. A couple of our friends, who knows what they are talking about, doupted the project, saying the material would not work for something like this. That just made Sølve more eager to build it with these sticks.

With a whole lot of glue and screws we made the table top. It only took us a few hours. Altogether I think we only used about a day to make the table. And it was really cheap; ca 1000 kr (ca €113 / $96).

We didn't sand the surface much. We wanted to keep it rough, so you can see that it is made of several pieces of wooden sticks (or whatever they are called).

The table is painted with a semi glossy oil based white piant. Nothing fancy, just something we had left from the renovation.

The table is 113 cm wide (90 cm is the standard for dining tables) and 280 cm long. It seats 14 people comfortably. It's so big that it can't be moved out of the livingroom. If we ever sell this apartment, we have to sell it with the table. PS: We proved our friends wrong, the material was perfect for our table!


  1. Riktigt fint! Jag funderar på att bygga en sänggavel i samma material.
    Tack också för en fin blogg! Jag har precis hittat hit. Trevlig helg!

  2. Hvor høyt er dette bordet? Hvor hvordan lagde dere beina? Hvordan type materiell er brukt der?

    Veldig fint bord. Vi har planer om å bygge et selv til vårt "nye" hus:)

    Hilsen Karen

    1. Takk, Karen :-)

      Bordet er 74 cm høyt og er laget i to tom to stendermateriale. Litt vanskelig å forklare hvordan beina er laget; du ser det så vidt i bildene over.

  3. Så fint bord. Har lagd et selv, men dette var virkelig fint.



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