Friday, 2 March 2018

things I like lately

Got a delivery of fire wood this week - just in time for the freezing cold weather (apparently it's the beast from the east) // Olympus mju, Rollei Retro 100

- subzero temperatures (the really, really freezing kind), sun and blue skies all week
- waking home from uni under a gorgeous full moon
- I finished grading the most recent pile of student papers. Next up: studying for my own exam...
- a list of 5 things
- podcasten "12 uker" med Berit Nordstrand og Klaus Sonstad (men har ikke sansen for at Berit Nordstrand bruker uttrykket "skrotmat"...)
- a new car - so much more exciting than I ever expected. Shopping for it was a total drag though...
- still hooked on Wordfeud
- green smoothies nearly every day
- sushi - I'm finally into it! Sølve is sooo happy.
- sushi, Chablis and "Le Bureau" to start the weekend

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- a feverish Sverre - again...

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  1. Hva har du i den grønne smoothien din?



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