Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February stories

tacos, dance party with disco lights, bed time stories (we have just discovered David Walliams - the so-called new Roald Dahl), endless needs for water and hugs, a quick #bodyboss workout, sweet bun with custard (sommerbolle) from Godt Brød (the best!), Wordfeud, red wine and journaling // how is your Friday night?

I’ve been feeling a bit off the last couple of days. Tonight I discovered the beautiful full moon. I wonder if it’s related... Do you believe in lunacy (månesyke)?

So. Much. Bright. Light. 

drinking my greens // vitamin boost for the winter body

let’s do this 👊🏻 #bodyboss // it’s so easy to fall off the workout routine, and sooo hard to get back to it

Friday lunch with colleages

Monday glimpses: 
• a father-in-law who drives our car to the repair shop 
• a phone call from kindergarten with the message to pick up Sverre asap because he puked 
• a text from our tenants asking if the power is out on our floor too 
• discovering that the main fuse is blown - which has never happened before 
• a mother-in-law who luckily has a car and can drive out on a hunt for a new fuse 
• doing homework by candlelight 
• a successful hunt and dinner for supper - because Sara looked forward to the fish sticks all afternoon 
• a husband that will return from Oslo late tonight 
• a Norwegian teacher who will try to carve out some time to grade papers in between

nap time grading

Grading is done (for now), paper writing is on. Rhetorical analysis here I come.

How to make a really crappy day (because workload exhausting) a whole lot better: call in the cavalier (also known as grandparents) to take care of your kids, attend an inspiring lecture at uni, sprinkle fairy dust over your work mojo and finish the rhetorical analysis paper in one sitting. Speaking of fairies. Is it time yet to take down the fairy lights from the plum tree?

roadtrip // winter break is on

good morning, Voss // winter break mood

While the others skied, we napped, made sweet buns and made our own little “Three Billy Goats Gruff” play. He was the troll, my feet were the bridge and I was the three goats. It was an epic play. Obviously.

the quiet of snowfall // the loud of kids skiing

the last supper

last day of winter break mood

winter break smiles and Sverre's skiing debut

a glimpse of sun, a lot of wind and plenty of klabber (snow that get stuck under the skis because of waxing fail - what is the English expression for this?)

best surprise gift from my very own cheerleader @marenlerang // new favourite mug

car shopping pit stop // Vi er veldig enige om at vi savner Dolly. Dominos er ikke det samme.

Tuesday dinner and sun - the light is back!

An unglamorous photo of a quick dinner I want to remember: Baked salmon filet with fish and seafood spices (from Santa Maria), quinoa, raw broccoli and spinach, red onion, feta cheese and alfalfa sprouts. Delicately served in an old Greek yogurt container. Ha!

5 good things: 
• finally back on my bike after more than a month of less than ideal biking conditions 
• the effect sun and fresh air has on my mood 
• pasta bolognese leftovers for dinner 
• a perfectly ripe avocado 
• cake and chocolate at a work meeting

5 good things: 
• sun, blue skies and below zero temperatures 
• weekly grocery haul done - and the kids behaved well 
• “This dinner is good!” spontaneously said by Sverre during dinner 
• listening to the Lindmo podcast while 
• doing food prep: peeled and cut carrots and swede for snacking (stored in water in an airtight container in the fridge), peeled and diced a mango for salads and snacking (also stored in an airtight container in the fridge), chopped hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts, mixed them with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, and put it all in a mason jar for my breakfasts, made juice shots with lemon, ginger, cucumber and celery sticks (my choice of chaser for my daily dose of fish oil/tran), made an ugly looking mixed berry smoothie with spinach and almond milk (not sure yet if I’m a plant milk fan...), and finally baked the no-knead bread that I started last night. 

PS: I’m having a huge cinnamon bun while I write this. Balance, right?

«Thanks for helping me unpack, Sverre.» 
«I’m not helping, I’m building a farm.»

a puking Sverre = a sleepless night = a day with serious need of coffee

I planned to work out during nap time, instead I got stuck dealing with backup issues in my Mac - which is the kind of thing that drains all my energy. I got it all sorted out and the reward is that I have a new phone (well, new to me; it used to be Sølve’s). The camera is much better on this one, which makes me pretty excited. I guess there is still time to work out - or work in general - at some point today, but first coffee and a couple of new and inspiring cookbooks.

Sunday cuddles // Woke up too early from his nap, crying. Is he feeling poorly again?

Sunday 2:15 am // can’t remember the last time I had one of these on my body 👶🏻👶🏻👵🏻

It seems like the happy days of safe, bare streets biking is over for now.

When your mother-in-law takes care of your sick kid and folds your laundry. And then takes care of said kid while your own mother brings your other kid to gymnastics practice and you go on a car shopping date with your husband - which is probably our least favourite kind of shopping. Sooo hard to decide what to spend sooo much money on.

February ends with 10 below, wind and bright blue skies. I can't remember the last time I felt this kind of cold. It almost feels extreme. According to the forecast, it will stay like this for the rest of the week. Poor little snowbells...

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  1. I love your photos! And, oh my goodness, that motivation mug! I might have to see if I can find my own when I need a little extra nudge! Curious - what is bodyboss? It's not something I've seen here in the States. Or maybe I'm just under a rock :)



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