Sunday, 14 January 2018

thoughts on blogging

the mountain cabin // Fuji Velvia 100F, Canon EOS 500N

I like blogging for a lot of reasons. I have written a lot about it these two posts: thoughts on sharing my everyday life + why I won't close my blog. As some of you know, my life has been - and still is - extraordinarily busy lately. Work, studies, family life and all that jazz are soaking up all my energy, leaving next to nothing for my hobbies. Somehow I have still kept my posting quite consistent during all of this, especially my regular "life, week x" and "things I like lately" posts. I guess it says a lot about how much I treasure the habit of sharing my everyday stories on this blog.

the mountain cabin 2012 // Fuji Sensia 400, Canon EOS 500N

Despite the fact that I treasure this habit, I have been pondering a lot lately if 2018 is the year when I finally close my blog. Yes, I know, I have said it before. I usually do so about once a year, typically when life is extra busy. Sometimes I feel like I "owe it" to you, my dear reader, to continue. I owe you the weekly updates and the Friday list tradition. Also, after doing this for ten years (!) it's hard to break the habit. The habit of shooting random things in my life, the habit of constantly thinking of captions, the habit of sharing pieces of my life.

South Africa 2009  // Fuji pro 160S, Canon EOS 500N

The blog reading habit is also hard to break, but I'm less inspired by blogs than I used to be. Back in the early days of blogging, blogs were personal. Bloggers shared their everyday lives and hobbies; arts, crafts, photography, cooking, travels. No-one made money from their blogs. Well, some of them had small Etsy shops where they sold their handmade things, and these little shops were silently promoted on their blogs. But it was a completely different ball game compared to the commercial focus that so many blogs have today - at least the kind of blogs that I normally like to read.

Bergen 2013 // Fuji Superia 200, Olympus mju

I miss the personal stories that don't come with an agenda. I discussed it a little bit with Fatima over here. I agree with what she says, social media has become too much caught in a cycle of ads, algorithms and non chronological orders. Ironically a few of my favorite bloggers do in fact have ads and sponsors, like Reading My Tea Leaves, Practicing Simplicity, A Cup of Jo and Hjartesmil (the last one only does ads for her own store though).

London 2010 // Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

I'm not sure what the concluding of this post is, other than for me blogging is not what is used to be. In the early days of blogging and social media (Flickr, in my case) I had conversations with people around the world and I actually made new friends. For example, Fatima and I met up in London 8 years ago. This doesn't happen anymore. Not in my case anyway. A big reason is because I don't prioritise that kind of time and energy for social media like I did when it was still a novelty.

Mallorca 2014 // Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

I might take a break, I might only post on Instagram (I'm halloastrid), I might quit completely. I'm not sure yet.

Denmark 2012 // Fuji Velvia 50, Canon EOS 500N

How about you? Any thoughts about blogging? What are your favorite blogs these days?

PS: I wrote this post Sunday morning whilst Sølve slept in and the kids watched way too much iPad. Poor priority? Yeah, kind of...


  1. One of the reasons why I love your blog - and I've been reading it since 2010 -is because your blog is real and personal! You are a real person with a real life, you didn't fall on the commercial trap and you've kept your authenticity. Please don't stop writing!

    1. E from blackforest14 January 2018 at 13:57

      The same thing for me!Your blog is one of the last ones I didnt stop reading. Thank you for 10 years!

  2. Bloggen din et et fint pusterom i hverdagen for meg i alle fall, du fanger så fine detaljer i bildene dine! Hilsen Ragnhild

  3. I understand your pondering and you are the only one who can decide what is right for you to do. Though I would miss you and your blog very much. Especially, because you write your blog "the old way" which has become rare nowadays.

    A lot of bloggers are re-thinking their blogging right now (and sadly most are "old kind" bloggers) and a few already closed their blogs.

    Of course - as I stated above -, each and everyone has to make their own decision and to what is right for them, but I find it sad, to see so many still great old kind blogs being closed. In the end their will be only the new kind of blogs left. Yes, they shine and look perfect (and somehow all the same), but most of them - to me at least - lack a "soul". Yes, there are exceptions, like "Cup of Jo" (which has much of "soul"), but the majority of the new blogs are different.

    One more thing: I would think that you "owe" us readers nothing! It has been giving and taking for both sides. You shared so much with us, which was your gift to us, not something you ever "owed" us, nor what you will owe us. I think we owe you a lot of thank for all the beautiful photos, your openess, your thoughts, your truth and whatever you shared with us.

    I wish you, that you find your decision and that it feels good and right to you and that you feel calm and peaceful about it. It doesn't matter, what others (me included) might say or think or feel. If you take it into your conclusions, then it is nice, but you have to go after what is and feels good for you and your family.

    No matter what will be your decision, thank you and I wish you all the best for you and your loved ones!

  4. I discovered your blog when a friend was planning a trip to Bergen, and I stayed following your posts because--having two Norwegian parents--I was curious about what life is like in Norway. I grew up in the U.S., and have lived in Canada now for a long time, and the meaning of 'home' is a very heart-connected story. I keep reading, and enjoying your photos and the story of your family and life, partly to feel a connection to the cousins who live in Oslo and Sunndalsora, but mostly to enjoy being included in your story, your life. I like that you say, 'I am a very organized girl'. I am not, and it's fun to see another way. Having a record of your life in real time seems like such a gift. That said, the blog belongs to only you, and if you want to let it go, then do. I feel grateful that you have shared so much of your life with all of us--the photo of you and Solve in the elevator on the way to giving birth to Sverre will stay with me (such joy!)--but if you say goodbye, it's okay with me. what you decide is best for you, and thanks: it's been real!

  5. I agree with you - most blogs aren't what they used to be. Your blog has been one of the rare ones that I still enjoy reading. It's so real and it has a taste of life.

    I want to thank you for these years. Your blog has given me so much joy and it has inspired me in my own everyday life. You and bloggers like you are treasures. I don't know what the blogging world will be like if all of you will quit and all that is left are these superficial blogs that have no personality or real content.

    I understand that times and seasons change. Sometimes it still feels bittersweet. If I were selfish, I'd say 'please keep on blogging' but I, like everyone else, want what feels good for you. I don't think anyone of your readers would want to read a blog that you would write just for us readers. So doing what feels good for you will be the best solution, whatever the outcome may be.

    Thank you for everything, Astrid!


  6. ditt hjørne er et befriende sted her på nettet. håper du ikke slutter, om ikke annet kan du ha en blogg der du bare poster listene dine hver fredag! elsker dem! men skjønner deg godt - og jeg savner intimiteten i flickr-samfunnet og den genuine interessen for hverandres rare og vakre hverdagsfotografering; instagram er ikke det samme. inderlig glad jeg fikk bli kjent med deg!

  7. Hei Astrid ! I just started reading your blog after seeing your comments on Famapa's one, and because I felt like I needed to go back to my internet basics (more personal blogs and less social networks)... of course, i am super sad to read this post, but life is as it is. I hope to read and see your pictures here again at some point !

  8. "I miss the personal stories that don't come with an agenda"
    Amen to THAT, sister. I'm sick of bloggers sneaking ads into their everyday posts. I know they do that for a living, but it's not the kind of content I like. The thing I like about your style is that you're honest, simple, and not focused on just one aspect of your life (food, parenting, travel, etc). It makes you similar to me in many ways.
    I also agree that blogging takes way too much energy, and I've neglected my blog too, lately. But I also think that Instagram provide a quick, flexible compromise, where you can share a picture and a caption, engage a bit with your friends, and you can do it on the go with a smartphone :)

  9. You should do what ever feels right for you! Of course I'd be very sad to see you closing down the blog, but I totally get it. You DON'T owe us anything; life is short, and it's important to do things that brings us joy, and ultimately I doubt anyone of us will say that we wished we'd spent more time on the internet when we're on our deathbeds! I have felt the same way many times, and have as a result put my online posting on hold, only to have come back because it felt right again. Right now I'm favouring blogs over IG, and one day it might be the other way (although I seriously hope not!), but this is where I'm at - right now.

    Maybe try giving yourself a well earned blog break, and see what happens? If you decide to stay offline, then good for you, and if you come back, we'll be here, happy to see you again!

    I really enjoyed our real life meet-up all those years ago; it feels like those were very different times (which I guess it actually was - to be fair!) and though it's not the same these days, at least we had those fun times back then! Yes, most blogs today have become tedious, and let's not get started on IG - that space gives me the shivers. Every time I read in a magazine or newspaper about something being "instagrammable" I cringe. Facebook ruined it when they bought it, just like Facebook is ruining the fabric of society - which is far more serious. I think we all need to make sure that we remember that WE are in charge, and not beholden to our screens. It's up to us how we use social media, and if that means closing down our blogs or IG accounts, then good for us! Good luck with what ever you end up doing Astrid, and thank you for all the moments you've shared with us over the years!

  10. Jeg har fulgt bloggen din i ca. seks år etter at jeg kom over den ved en tilfeldighet. Før det hadde jeg egentlig ikke brydd meg noe særlig om blogging eller blogger. For meg har den vært inspirerende å følge deg og du kommer til å bli savnet.

  11. Hi Astrid, as a longtime reader, I would be disappointed if you stopped blogging. But with that being said, I'd completely understand. I can't imagine how stressful and busy your life must be, with a full-time job, graduate school, and two small kids!

    Your photos are wonderful, and I especially like your travel photos, and also your Friday lists of things you like and dislike. You've done a really admirable job keeping up with the blog. Some bloggers I know almost never post anymore, just because life is busy, but it's exciting when they do post (an example is the cooking blog Wednesday Chef).

    You'll have to decide what's best for you. Don't feel you owe us. And if you need a break, take one!

  12. Bloggen din er ekte og fin, og et kjærkomment pusterom i hverdagen. Jeg synes du tar flotte bilder, stemningen treffer meg veldig - og jeg kan relatere til hverdagen du beskriver. Jeg har lest i flere år, men dette er faktisk første gang jeg legger igjen noen ord.
    Digger listene dine, og jeg får masse inspirasjon - også blant bloggene du leser.
    Jeg er veldig glad for at jeg har fått lese bloggen din disse årene!


  13. I love your blog, it's original nowadays, that's true. Your photos are so honest, calm and scandinavian :) Please, don't give up, your thoughts and the way you perceive the world around is so inspiring for us :)
    Marta from Poland

  14. Hei, Astrid!
    Som så mange andre sier; jeg er så glad i bloggen din og alt du deler, og setter så stor pris på den! Men forstår utrolig godt hvorfor det kan føles riktig å si takk.. Uansett glad for alt du har delt.


  15. "Hey Astrid" is, for the past two years, my favourite blog ... and the only one that I realy like to read. I knew you in Bergen, not married,without children, as a publicist. You and Solve were radiant the day of your marriage. I enter in your first home, saw all the renovations, the building of the garden and, threw your eyes, learn to love Bergen's light. First time I saw Sara she was inside of you. I went with you to a great weekend in the incredible mountain cabin and noone more than me loves the way that Solve runs a barbecue. Some mornings I feel the the smeel of your coffee and some other times I feel, in my shoulders, how tired you are. I love to see when your red nail polish is already a little broken or how happy you feel when Solve brings you flowers. I dropped a little tear when you moved from Bergen and I'm so proud with your new career and with everything new that you're learnig in your studies. I'm so worried when Sverre as temperature but he's so funny when he's in good health.
    I think you don't realise what your blog means to many of your readers. As it is, as a great blog. You said that the blogs that used to inspire you, dont't do it anymore. But I tell you Astrid, that your blog continue to inspire all your readers and you never let us down. You know why? Because we love you blog the way it is.
    To blog or not to blog?
    This is the question.
    And only you can answer it.
    Big hug.

  16. Savner blogiem min! Er så glad for at denne her enda finnes - ønsker meg bare et mer mobilvennlig format på min egen! Helt enig med deg på det at bloggen var en fin anledning for å hele tiden dokumentere stort og smått i hverdagen. Fortsett med den fantastiske bloggen din! Jeg blir alltid så inspirert til å fortsette min :)

  17. Hei Astrid!

    I've been following your blog for almost 10 years now.
    Right now you're one of the few remaining authentic bloggers! So please stay!!!
    No pressure ;)

    It's so nice to see photos of your family, hikings and every day life.
    Although I would understand when you would decide to quit.
    I've been blogging for almost 6 years now and it's getting harder since life is so busy.
    Even when I don't have kids just a couple of cats ∑:)

    Kind regards, kenderfrau

  18. Jeg følger stadig trofast med på din blog Astrid - gennem mange år.

    Jeg deler dine tanket om blogging på den gamle måde - ingen relamer osv, "bare" helt plain hverdagsblogging, og jeg savner det mange af de steder jeg følger med. Jeg hopper oftest indlæg over markeret med reklame.

    Jeg håber du fortsætter din blogging dog. Det er skønt at følge dig, og jeg vil oprigtigt savne dine ord hcis du holder. Men med det sagt, forstår jeg dig udmærket. Jeg har selv startet blogging igen efter et års pause, men det er ikke sikkert jeg bliver ved heller - man forsvinder ligesom i mængden af store bloggere desværre.

    Kh Maria.

  19. Hola Astrid!
    Por favor,no dejes de escribir.Cuando puedas,aunque con menos frecuencia...pero sigue escribiendo.Para mi eres fuente de inspiración en la vida cotidiana.
    P.D. En mayo mi marido y yo nos vamos de crucero por los Fiordos Noruegos y pienso "aprovechar" la guía que publicaste en su día sobre tu ciudad.
    Con mucho cariño,

  20. Hei Astrid! I've been following you for 10 or more years. I was first following your MY EVERYDAY LIFE on Flickr. I am 69 and the grandmother of twin girls who will be three in April. It has been interesting following you first in Bergen, then getting married, all your travels, everyday life in Norway and then adjusting to motherhood and going back to school. I also went back to school as a mother. I have only left a few comments in all these years but have always felt connected in some way. Whatever you decide to do with your blog will not affect the postive impact from all your sharing. Influenced by you, I started a blogspot blog sometime ago. I have pages which serve as a resting place for my art, but I am not selling anything on my blog--it's more like another journal and I really enjoy it. I never would have tried doing a blog if not for you. Thank you! Patricia Teller



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