Thursday, 11 January 2018

summer memories // camping

In the middle of July we went camping as a family for the first time. Both Sølve and I used to be pretty outdoorsy (being Scouts and all), so we are a little embarrassed that Sara is nearly 6 years old before had her tent sleeping debut. We all agreed we are ready to do it again any time. 

Luckily the hike to the camp site isn't very long, because our backpack and carrier were loaded and heavy.

Always on the search for "stor stein" (big rock).

Sara carried her own little backpack with a few essentials. 

We realised we haven't slept in a tent since Roskilde Festival in 2004. That was quite a different setting...

Curious about the cows that were grazing around the camp site. To be honest I was a bit scared of them. Cows are huge animals and I'm no cow whisperer. It turns out they were perfectly harmless. 

As expected Sverre took a while to settle for the night. But once he fell asleep, he slept peacefully through the night.

dinner time

Cow watching whilst Sverre was sleeping and Sølve and Sara were fishing (they didn't catch anything).

Both kids are asleep and we are having red wine by the campfire. A moment of true bliss.

Morning coffee made on a campfire - another kind of true bliss. Especially after a night sleeping on the ground. Note to self: We need those self-inflating backpacking mattresses for our next camping trip. And what happened to the sleeping bags during these years? Why are they suddenly so small? 

9 am camp mood

Røssdalen is a popular camping destination; there were 11 tents that night.

The endless fun of throwing rocks in water.

Sara made a couple of new friends.

For more Røssdalen photos, see here.



  1. These pics make me want to try out camping! I've never tried it, and we and another family (regular campers) keep saying every year that we should do it - and then we forget... You guys are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country <3

  2. Hello Astrid!
    Sara is becoming such a beautiful young lady.
    Maybe that's why sleeping bags are getting smaller.

  3. Beautiful photos and such a gorgeous country! Camping with children is exhausting but well worth it. You will all have such great memories.



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