Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January stories

January 1, 2018 still life. Not pictured: seven energetic children and six tired parents.

Good morning 2018! Nothing has changed so far; waking up a little too early, requesting a liver pâté sandwich for breakfast.

Wednesday 7 am: breakfast and coffee all by myself before the rest of the family wake up. Morning bliss!

Christmas party weekend in Oslo with Sølve's company. Hotel morning sleep in. The very best breakfast, in the company of the very best husband. A rare opportunity to shop by myself, all by myself. Also, breaking the habit of hunting all things black. Material happiness and the right details to make the experience complete; a cotton bag inside the big paper bag.

My Saturday night is wild. Not. Eating too much frozen pizza and ice cream whilst journaling plans for #iquitsweettreats (again) and getting back to my #BodyBoss workout routine. Exam, grading, exhaustion and the holidays happened, and I fell hard off my good habits. Sounds familiar? Will start tomorrow with a short workout just to get started. PS: Made a deal with Sølve that this was our last frozen pizza of the year. We agreed that a grilled cheese sandwich will do the trick when the need for carbs and melted cheese hits.

5 good things: 
• coming home to this after a long work session at uni and biking home in unexpected snowfall 
• a very productive evening of work 
• seeing how Sara’s math skills are improving 
• a (short) nap 
• fresh orange juice

To have an unexpected coffee break at home before picking up the kids.

5 good things: 
• first ride on my new bike - I love it! 
• feeling elegant in the new coat that I bought in Oslo this weekend 
• big hugs from Sverre and Sara 
• roasted vegetables and avocado for lunch 
• the effect sun and fresh air have on my mood

A quick, windy Sunday stroll on the beach. The perfect way to fight off cabin fever.

Sunday afternoon sledging with the very best visitors // post sledging mitten situation

hanging out with my sister - sans kids 🙏🏻

cousins - one year apart yet geographically so far apart 

Trying to make proper dinner plans for the week. Happy to walk in the sun and daylight. Annoyed by dark mornings, rain and heavy traffic. Longing to get back to my biking and workout routines. Little visitors and happy meals.

Big sister has started doing gymnastics two times a week. Little brother really wants to join in with the big girls.

The snack box routine is back on!

5 good things: 
• sun! 
• a productive afternoon of work 
• grocery haul with Sverre who was in a good mood 
• Sara’s newfound interest in chess 
• fresh shrimps in a salad of lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, radish sprouts (new to me), avocado, cucumber, a squeeze of lemon + white wine and “The Crown” to start the weekend

Monday mood: three of four family members are recovering from the stomach flu. Gathering energy to take a shower.

That feeling when you slowly feel your energy level return after a tough round of the stomach flu 🙌🏻 // This was taken Saturday morning. Today is Tuesday, it’s 7 degrees Celsius and the rain is washing away all the snow as we speak.

Oh Bergen! The briefest visit yet filled to the brim with memories.

traces of them // 5 good things: 
• walking to uni in 3:30 pm daylight (it’s slowly returning!) 
• taking photos in daylight 
• a productive evening of work at uni (no studies though) 
• homemade raspberry jam (by my mother-in-law) on whole grain pumpkin seed bread 
• romaine lettuce and fresh coriander mixed with my roasted vegetables (sweet potato, Brussel sprouts, beetroot, green bell pepper, aubergine and broccoli) for lunch

When your daughter (6) sets the chess board up for a match and you find yourself both proud for her newfound interest yet reluctant to play because you haven't played since you were 12.

our first visit since we moved - his first visit ever // bonus: three kittens

sun flare // lamp flare 

- - - 

This might be the 2018 version of the "life, week x" posts that I have been doing since 2014. Time for a change; a change that still keeps my memories, but takes less of my time. 



  1. Hei Astrid!
    "January Stories" is a great, but really great, post!
    A little bit like a graphic novel ... with photos.
    And what a photos?!!!
    My favourites?
    The one of you, biking in your new bike:amazing photo!
    The group of photos, after the snack box, is so beautiful!
    Who's artist draw the incredibles autos that you have in the wall?
    So much talent!
    Thank you so much for the stories and photos.
    Once again: "January Stories" is a winner.

  2. Hei Astrid,
    Nices pics, nices texts. Il like your new version!! Life seems so cool in your country. Thank you. Sophie



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