Wednesday, 17 January 2018

a food list

carrot soup from the archives // Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

Soon(ish) I want to make...

- Sarah Bernard in a baking tray
- burger with apple, bacon and red onion compote
- everyday lentil soup
- celeriac + beet salad with lemon, chili + mint (I'm no fan of mint; I think coriander could be a nice substitute)
- creamy French lentils with mushroom and kale
- garlicky kale quiche
- mushroom lentil spaghetti "bolognese"
- sweet potato fries using this trick to get them crispy
- roasted sweet potato with warm spices 
- chocolate mousse with avocado or this version
- cauliflower with tikka masala sauce

- - -

This post has been in my draft folder for ages. Time to make it public - along with all those other draft posts. So don't worry, there won't be a complete radio silence in this space while I contemplate one of life's big questions; to blog or not to blog. (THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your heartwarming comments on my previous post.)


  1. My mornings start by reading my favorite bloggers and their latest posts. Like you, I enjoy most those folks that are sharing their lives and not selling anything for anyone. The personal blogs are those that are the most enjoyable to read. Yet life is a balance. You will find yours and until then I will keep stopping by your blog for a little morning joy.

  2. Good morning Astrid!
    A food list?!!??! Thanks God it's no more a draft...
    Maybe it wasn't such a great idea come to visit you before breakfast.
    Now I need scrambled eggs, with herbs, and coffee. Hi hi hi.
    Have a great day.

  3. Your food list sounds delicious, glad that you posted it. It made me think about my own 'foods to do' list and at the moment it would include at least these

    - a wintery shrimp soup with homemade bread
    - creamy salmon soup
    - somekind of stew to warm me up after outings in the cold
    - orange bundt cake
    - a fresh salad with red cabbage.

    Maybe I'll get some inspiration to do at least one of those this weekend. Have a nice rest of the week!




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