Wednesday, 6 December 2017

When I finish my studies I want to

from the Bergen apartment archives - books and a suitable mantra

- make photo books from the past two years (I used to be really into it.)
- give darker mornings, yet again another try
- shoot film! This year I have finished one film. One! Maybe I'll do another round of a roll of film a month to make up for the sad 2017 number?
- make Sunday hikes a high priority family tradition
- spend a lot more time at the mountain cabin
- do my very best not to work during the weekends
- get back to proper dinner planning - maybe I should even dust off the old "what's for dinner project"?
- explore new recipes in my stacks of cook books
- have movie nights with Sølve - it's been ages since I last saw a movie
- binge watch tv series

Note to self: Don't get too excited about this already. You don't finish your studies for another semester...


  1. Hei Astrid,
    teatching is about inspiring and knowlege ... and this second part needs studies ... always.
    So, the "bad" news are: studies will not end.
    The "good" news are: you will learn how to manage all the fields in your life and, most of the time, you will achieve a nice balance between your personal/family life and your work life.



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