Friday, 8 December 2017

things I like lately

Bergen apartment view memories // Kodak Portra 400nc, Minolta SRT 101

- an evening spent painting with Sara and Sverre (instead of studying)
- a heap of hand me down clothes for Sverre
- watching "Arthur Christmas" with Sara (again)
- Christmas cards are ordered
- the thought of the things I will do when I finish my studies
- lasagna from the freezer for dinner on a Thursday afternoon
- rediscovering Sannah Kvist's photos
- seeing how much fun Sverre has playing with Sara's dinosaurs
- hearing how well Sara reads
- chocolate!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- way too much chocolate
- stress

1 comment:

  1. Hei Astrid!
    Your photos from Bergen are so marvellous, that the city should give your name to one of your favourites streets, and write:
    "Astrid's Street
    Favourite Bergen's photographer"




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