Friday, 29 December 2017

things I like lately

- I have finally finished grading all 48 Norwegian midterm papers! (Not quite done with all the grading yet though...)
- my very, very, very supportive husband
- days off work
- overhearing conversations with Sverre and Sølve whilst I work in the basement home office
- catching up with family and friends - including those who live in other parts of the country
- the gorgeous bike Sølve got me for Christmas - old school ladies bike with a basket in front - just the kind I have dreamed of
- lots and lots of cuddles from Sverre
- seeing how much fun Sara has playing with her cousins
- seeing how fond Sverre was of the kittens (three weeks old, brought to Sandnes from Bergen for the Christmas holiday)
- chocolate and coffee
- Christmas cards from friends and family - such a nice tradition!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- no real time off because of all the grading (which I had no chance of finishing before the holidays because of my exam)
- I have hardly been outside all week
- a feverish Sverre
- an emergency visit to the dentist on the day before Christmas - apparently I need to have a couple of wisdom teeth removed
- ear ache and a runny nose
- finding it hard to stay positive because it's all so much yet I know I shouldn't complain...
- to be honest, this Christmas holiday has been pretty crap

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