Friday, 22 December 2017

things I like lately

Getting ready for gift wrapping galore tomorrow!

- Christmas break is on!
- starting off the festive season with a family dinner tonight
- 2017 cookbook gift guide
- doing som easy weekend work on the sofa (I would of course prefer not to work during the weekends, but it's nice to take it a little more easy for a change)
- Northern Sisters Collective
- season two of The Crown on Netflix
- ginger shots - because runny nose and sore throat...
- the snow globe with a bambi inside that I was giftet from a colleague - I had no idea I could find so much pleasure in a little thing like that! It sits next to my computer while I work, and from time to time I'll turn the globe upside down and watch the snow fall...
- 6 surprising secrets of a hair stylist (dry shampoo *praise hands*)
- a little treat at COS - my favorite store that just opened in Stavanger

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the amount of frozen pizza I have eaten lately...


  1. Yes season 2 of The Crown! :) Although I've been so tired that I struggle to stay awake through a whole episode... Happy Christmas



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