Thursday, 28 December 2017

life, week 51

My exam is done; let the grading games begin! #norsklærer

Mornings around our house. Peaceful, unfortunately because of the iPads...

"Himmelen har falt ut av, mamma." // school pick up and fog philosophy

Word! // Luke nummer 17 åpnet den 21. 

once upon a time a snowman 
5 good things: 
• the ice is gone, the streets are bare and I biked to work again 
• a very much needed nap 
• tomorrow is the last day of work before Christmas break 
• red nails because it cheers me up 
• going to Christmas mass in the beautiful Stavanger Cathedral with (pretty much almost) all 600 of my school’s students - because Christmas mood

Should have worn lenses today...

a foggy afternoon walk to uni

Yes, please!

5 good things
• Christmas break is on! 
• treating myself to a new dress and scarf at COS (my favorite - new store finally opened in Stavanger about a month ago) 
• both things are not black (trying to be a bit more adventurous colour wise) 
• the colour combination of the dress above (I might have to go back and take a closer look at it...) 
• a glass (or two or t...) of champagne to finish the day and start the holidays

This makes me smile.

All alone in the university reading room. 

Dear Santa. Do you have an elf to spare? We could need a helping hand to get the house sorted before our guests arrive this afternoon... Thank you!

Some kind of happiness in a little globe.

Still feeling a little peckish. Not.

6 year old cousins living their best lives: sleepover and watching Netflix in the morning - in matching Christmas pyjamas.

His first Christmas stocking - a birthday gift from his cousins, ordered all the way from the USA, to match their stockings. 

childhood memories in the making // merry Christmas friends

Wearing his grandfather’s bunad, a visit from Santa (“he came!”) and kittens. Oh the kittens! He totally adores the kittens.
Mamma is glad they are just visiting...

- - -

Week 51: December 18-24


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