Wednesday, 20 December 2017

life, week 50

9 am morning magic // to have the day (and the next) off work for exam studies

trying to keep track of who kills who in revenge on who // oh the drama of the Sagas of Icelanders

8:30 am snowy stroll to uni

How to make the simple task of walking - to your oral exam - a bit more interesting: glazed ground! The good thing is that it put my mind off said exam because I had to really watch every step. (The exam went surprisingly splendid, thank you for asking. Apparently I do know a thing or two about Ibsen’s “Wild Duck”.)

garden snowman 2017 edition

A little bit of Sara decoration, a flower that reminds me of Christmas at my parents’ place and a photo taken in daylight.

lussekatter in the making - not quite the traditional Lucia bun shape though // ormen den lange, i følge Sverre - fritt etter rimet

When the parent representative brings lukewarm sweet buns that fills the classroom with the scent of cardamom. That’s how we like to start our December Friday morning.

Mission: get his first haircut. Mission failed because of meltdown. Pictured: waiting in line to get mamma’s hair cut instead because the cut was prepaid. Bribed him with Peppa Pig on my phone. Also: he insisted on wearing his big sister’s hair clip and looking rather cute.

empty house + easy weekend work on the sofa + coffee and chocolate (already eaten) - close to bliss

Sunday 9 am // in a freezing winter bedroom under a warm duvet

Our Christmas tree is up and our baby is gone. What a difference a haircut does! (By both parents and Netflix to keep him occupied.)

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Week 50: December 11-17

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  1. Astrid, is there a Norwegian version of Yak Traks or Stabilicers for your shoes to help you walk on snowy and icy ground? I live in New England where we get a lot of both snow and ice and I couldn't survive the sidewalks without them!



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