Sunday, 3 December 2017

life, week 47

5 good things
- the roads were no longer slippery when I biked home from work. It was a whole different story in the morning though...
- it was not yet completely dark when I biked home from work
- dinner with the family
- Sverre fell asleep on my lap
- tulips

5 good things
- unexpected time alone with Sara (I don’t like the reason for it though; she is feeling poorly)
- banana pancakes for breakfast (recipe from @linn_sprudlendesunn’s blog)
- a nap (it was a rough night)
- frost
- fire in the wood stove

Oh daylight!

frosty kale // a very poor harvest this year compared to last year

I soak in every beam I get during these dark months - even inside the house.

5 good things
- another slow day at home (but not liking that Sara is still sick, poor girl)
- realising that two slow days was just what I needed to regain energy and motivation to keep going until Christmas break
- a big up of strong coffee after a nap
- roasted vegetables for lunch
- chocolate for dessert

Still nervous to let him down the stairs by himself, but so happy to see them set off to play, just the two of them.

5 good things
- taking photos in daylight 
- feeling quite motivated to study for my exam 
- rice pudding 
- pesto pasta leftovers from tonight’s dinner that I will add to my roasted vegetables lunch for tomorrow 
- added sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to my roasted vegetables lunch today - a yummy crunch!

Big sister Sara joined us for kindergarten pickup - a rare incident now that she is a school girl.

a sky that looks painted // a thing to like

Saturday study session, sofa edition

Sunday 8 am

 - - -

Week 47: November 20-26


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