Thursday, 23 November 2017

life, week 46

The fact that someone put a peace lily in the bathroom at work, makes me smile every day. Yes, I bring my phone to the toilet - don’t you? (Too much information?)

DONE // Just finished grading that pile of 50 student papers. In two weeks I’ll get a new pile of 50.

daily highlight #exhausted

When you have biked home in rain, wind and November darkness after a long day at work, and your mother-in-law has made the perfectly comforting meat and vegetables soup.

my new bright bike light - because safety in the darkness

Saturday 7 am

Pouring rain, howling wind and 12:30 pm darkness make grading 50 history papers on imperialism *almost* cozy.

Saturday 7 pm

mornings like this

Sunday meal prep // my happy place

teamwork // spring bling prep

 - - -

Week 46: November 13-19


  1. Oh my!why don't i have a mother in law like yours? Mine is in a kind of a competition against me, since my daughter was born, as if she eanted to be her mom and hated the fact that I am actually the mom. Not nice at all, very difficult to handle. She even buys the same exact things I, or someone from my side has given to my daughter after she sees them at home! Is just crazy!

  2. Hello Astrid!
    Thank you for your posts, kindness and generosity.
    I love, so much, each time that you thanks your parents and in-laws for the help they give you and Solve.
    And yes, I bring my phone to the toillet.
    Big hug.



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