Thursday, 16 November 2017

life, week 43

Let’s do this! 👊🏻 // When your Norwegian teacher is still a student, you have to work on your patience skills and accept a long wait to get your paper graded.

A sudden change of plans: my most important job has an urgent task for me.

Tuesday 9 am: coffee, “Air Buddies” on Netflix and a sick Sverre on my lap // hopefully he will have a long nap so that I can get some grading done

Making the most of nap time. Hoping that the rough night will make him sleep for hours. Chicken pox sucks!

Birthday week is on and we are all set for the first of several celebrations. Not. Birthday girl came home from school with a fever, so this party has to wait. Looks like I’ll be home with two sick kids tomorrow.

When Sverre woke up this morning he said two things: First, while standing in his crib, pointing at his diaper, he exclaimed «bæsj» (poop). Then, when I carried him to the bathroom, his arm around my neck, he said “bestevenn” (best friend). That, plus him falling asleep on my lap, made my week.

eating // getting better

Thursday mood: sick kids, a lot of Netflix and a mamma with a growing to do list. Also: it’s @snigaboo’s birthday today, so will put on the celebratory mood in the afternoon 🎉

Those vegetables I made on Sunday, were perfectly fine on Friday. Meal prep *praise hands*

What to do with aaaaall the balloons that weren’t used for the balloon disco because birthday girl got a fever and we had to cancel the birthday party? Put them in a duvet cover to keep them away from the kids and hope they will last until a new balloon disco opportunity turns up. (It will soon, because birthday week; Sølve’s birthday is today, mine is Saturday and Sara’s is Monday.)

Drawings from the kids, tulips from the husband, brownie and coffee in bed. A great start to 38 if you ask me!

No IKEA visit is complete without a hotdog. 

 - - -

Week 43: October 23-29


  1. Det er hardt for store og små med sykdom, men så ser det tross alt veldig koselig ut på dine bilder <3 håper de er bra igjen! Hilsen tobarnsmamma (4 år og 6 mnd)

  2. naaw, those moments when they call you the best or tell you they love you. makes you keep up with all the hard work of motherhood <3



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