Monday, 13 November 2017

life, week 42

nearly done // smug + NuArt + Attende at Kannik skole (my workplace)

autumn, piled

back to it // Monday routine

Instant cure for hangry mamma: a slice of bread with lots of chocolate spread before dinner + kids watching Netflix

The autumn leaves carpet is no longer dry.

I love the color of autumn beech leaves. 

To make up for all the Toblerone I have eaten lately. Balance, right?

First world dilemma on a Friday afternoon: which pillows stay and which go downstairs in the daybed?

“Oh look! It’s a baby champagne cork!”

Sunday morning and at least the light is good.

It was a much needed...

...solo walk around the lake.

The sunshine...

...and the autumn glory did me good.

I didn't log completely off though; listened to an audiobook version of the novel curriculum as I strolled into the long autumn shadows.

new shelves (already cluttered)

Sunday food prep whilst listening to audiobook curriculum - “Bondestudentar” by Arne Garborg // a week of roasted vegetables for lunch

 - - -

Week 42: October 16-22


  1. Oh, I loved reading Ibsens's drama. I cannot imagine how you manage all this with two kids though! Great mama :) And chocolate spread sounds very good as a cure ... (I should resist because of not doing any sports lately.) And one question because the last pic looks so good: How do you roast your vegetables? Just with a little drizzle of oil?

  2. Beautiful light. I love the photos from your walk around the lake, the trees and landscape are gorgeous.



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