Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Iceland // the dirt road expedition

We spent our last day in Iceland driving from the north down to Reykjavik testing our 4WD Jeeps across the moon like landscape of the Kjölur highlands. It was a bumpy and adventurous drive.

It's easy to become a geology geek whilst traveling Iceland. Especially when you come across an oasis like - Hveravellir - this in the middle of the lava rock dessert.

Hot springs, or heitapottur as the locals say, ftw!

the patterns and colors of nature *all the heart eyes emojis*

there was hot air coming out of this crack in the middle of the walking path 

My father-in-law and I share the same interest in shooting flowers.

After the bumpy drive through the highlands, we stopped at Gullfoss. As Norwegians we are used to pretty waterfalls, but we all agreed this is a good one.

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