Sunday, 26 November 2017

Hei, I'm Astrid. Who are you?

I've been doing this blogging thing for 10 (!) years now. I have seen blogs go from mostly small personal journals to big, professional and commercial blogs - a development I'm not too fond of. But that's a different story. This little space of mine has been a fun outlet for my everyday stories through all these years.

I know a few of my readers have been with me since the start - we met on Flickr back in the early days of social media - and I seem to have picked up a few (and lost a bunch) along the way. It makes me very curious; who are you guys who (still) find my photos and words - my life - worth your time?

Please introduce yourself! (And keep me entertained while I spend yet another Sunday at the University reading room...) Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do for a living? Why do you come here?


  1. Hi Im Mari from Israel. Long time reader. Love everything on your blog: the beautiful photos, your jot downs on everyday events, family, life. Keep them coming❤️

  2. My name is Nadja and I'm from Brazil. I really like the old blog thing when people talk about their life. I don't remember where I found your blog, but I follow you since 2014.

    Sorry about my English, Isn't great yet.

  3. Hei Astrid!

    I am Liisa from Germany but with Norwegian and Swedish family roots. I am a long time reader. First found you back in the time of flickr, which I don't use anymore. I love reading your blog, because it is so wonderfully down to earth and of course during all these years it was nice to follow up, how you and Sølve built your home and family and as a great team mastered the up and downs of a common, yet special (because each and every life is special in its own way) life. Somehow you stole into my heart and so, after all these years I still keep coming back and reading along, what you post.

    All the best to all four of you and - as we are short before the start of the Advent Season - have a wonderful time of Advent!


  4. Hi I am Kristin from Bergen,Norway. Not sure how I first found your Blog, but have been following you for a while now.
    Found great comfort following you when you lived in Bergen, as I lived in Oslo and felt homesick for several years.
    Moved home to Bergen when you moved home to your hometown.
    Love reading about your family life which is somewhat similar to mine (boys 3 and 5).
    My husbond has followed a similar path to yours- he finished per at Stord this summer.

    Also adore reading about how you organize things- from your pantry to photos etc
    Please go on blogging ❤️


  5. Hi! I’m Ania from Poland, I’ve been reading You since 2010, I think ❤️ I love Bergen from yours photos and yours everyday life. We have sons in the same age 🙂

  6. Hi I am Samuela from Italy. I am mum wife and worker. I like your blog photo and daytime description.

  7. Hi! I'm Jimena from Spain. I'm a translator and researcher. I read your blog (since 2012, I think?) because I find comfort in your routines & life stories. I found you through Flickr. Have a great Sunday! :) and thank you for this space.

  8. Astrid fra Østlandet her. Har fulgt bloggen din siden Bergensdagene. Husker ikke hvor lenge. Jeg liker godt de ulike bloggpostene med ulike temaer, og bildene passer så godt til. Jeg ble innmari inspirert av "whats for dinner", med den fine vrien, "hva vi faktisk spiste" - husker ikke helt hva du kalte det, men noe i den gata. Jeg kommer innom fordi jeg liker oppdateringene, og at jeg har blitt kjent med mange fine blogger gjennom din blogg.

    Selv er jeg lærer på vgs i diverse samfunnsfaglige fag og historie og geografi, har prøvd meg på å studere nordisk med nesten full jobb og tre barn - og klarte det ikke, men siden jeg endelig fikk fast jobb etter 6 år som lærer har jeg lagt det på is. Heier på deg da, ser ut som du har god struktur på studiene. Ser fram til å følge deg videre, her og på Instagram.


  9. Hi, I am Françoise from France! I found your blog because of its name! Astrid is the name of my oldest daughter and of course it got all my attention... I love your pictures and I discover nordic way of live. Thank you !

  10. Hi, I am Françoise from France! I found your blog because of its name! Astrid is the name of my oldest daughter and of course it got all my attention... I love your pictures and I discover nordic way of live. Thank you !

  11. Hi, I am Inga from the north of Germany. I'm also a long time reader. I like travelling to Scandinavia as often as possible. I like your Lifestyle, the pictures, the lists... I' ve also travelled to Iceland this summer but I was quiet disappointed by the mass of tourists and the way Iceland deals with the tourists. I like to read your thoughts here and sometimes I take your blog as an Inspiration. Thanks for that!

  12. Hi hi hello. My name is Ann, I live in Poland with my husband and 1,5 old son so mostly I'm here because I like to watch another mom struggles with everyday life. With a bit of exotic taste because it's another country:) I work as a sales assistant and came here froma recommendation from another blogger "Starwberries from Poland" few years ago.

  13. Hi im Dani from Luxembourg and love your day to day. Love your “light observation” photos... been reading for at least 5 years... I am a working mum and love nature. Follow you on Instagram too :)

  14. hi, i'm silvia from austria! i feel as i really have to respond to this post, as i'm reading your blog for quite a while now :)
    i like your everyday-familylife-journal (and also your favorite reads) and the way your blog keeps me somehow connected to norway, where i have been living for a while (years ago!).
    thank you for sharing this space!

  15. Hello! I'm Pamela from Vermont, New England, USA. I'm a high school teacher (Geology, Hydrology, Architecture) and relate to your grading tasks! Your photography, the tasty food, your growing kids - are all interesting. It is interesting to see how someone lives in another cold place! I found you from another blog: Cloudberry.

  16. Hi Astrid, I'm Sarah and I live near Los Angeles in California. I really don't remember how I found your blog, but it probably had something to do with your photos. I've really enjoyed them and seeing what life is like for you where you live. I've also enjoyed watching your children grow. I'm glad you asked us to introduce ourselves. I should have done it sooner. Thank you!

  17. I am Annemarie from the Netherlands and I am a mom working in the pharmaceutical industry. I've been reading your blog for a very long time, not sure how many years but since well before Sara was born. Many of the blogs I read back then don't exist anymore or lost my interest, but yours is still one of my favourites! Especially the 'things I like lately'. Keep up the good work!

  18. Ciao!

    Alessandra, from Italy but living in Switzerland. I've been following you for a few years and I can't remember how I found your blog, but I loved it right away.
    I like your style and following your everyday life.
    I love the fact that my Lucia and your Sara are almost the same age and do many similar things ;)
    Oh, and I studied Swedish and Norwegian (language and culture) back at Uni, so I'm particularly fond of your blog for this reason as well <3

    I'm a part-time graphic designer/art-director, specialized in food and drink.
    I am also a co-owner of a craft coffee roasting company in Italy.

  19. I'm Irene from Oslo, now living at Voss.Followed you since the early days of flickr, you have the first blog I started to follow. Passed you several times at Prestegårdslandet,maybe I one day say Hei Astrid. (My youngest is the same age as Sara)
    Keep on posting!

  20. I'm Sarah, from New Zealand (now Australia). I started following your blog a couple of years ago and really enjoyed your photos and hearing about your routines.

  21. hallo, i a, renata from slowakia, living in munich, germany. currently in maternity break with my second child, wanda. i did start to follow you ocasionally few year ago. and with pleasure i returt to your blog ever since.
    i love your everyday photos. your children are just cute*
    keep posting

  22. Hello! Rachel from San Francisco, California, USA here.
    Been reading for quite some time, love your photos and the way you share your daily life. Cheers!

  23. Hei Astrid! I'm from the north of Norway, but currently living in Oslo. A student, but on maternity leave at the moment. Love reading your thoughts about motherhood - this thing is still kinda scary - and how you make the ordinary everyday life look so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Good morning Astrid! Alaska is home! Currently living in Anchorage but always claim Fairbanks as home. I have been following along as you post about your life and enjoy reading about what you like lately. Have a great day, Julia

  25. Hello Astrid!
    I'm Rosália, from Portugal.
    I'm 57 years old and I used to be a teacher and cultural manager. I don't have a job since I was 50.
    I follow your blog for five or six years.
    For me, "Hei Astrid" is unique: it brings me, with your honest words and beautiful images, the certitude of balance in life.
    Keep on posting ... pleeeeeaaaase!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  26. Hei!
    Ingrid fra Oslo-området. Oppdaget antagelig bloggen din via en link fra hjartesmil eller en annen blogg :) Fulgt av og på i flere år. Liker så godt hvordan du viser frem så mange sider av hverdagen man kan kjenne seg igjen i (det fine, det slitsomme, god mat, familie osv). Blir alltid glad av å være innom bloggen din. Jobber som sykepleier.

  27. Hello Astrid! Agnieszka from Poland, 44 years old, since 2010 :)

  28. I'm Mary from Baltimore, MD. I'm retired and I've been rolling your blog for several years. I love to see everyday scenes from other countries. You are really good at "stopping to smell the flowers". You're kids are adorable; keep on posting.

  29. hei i'm birgit from kassel in the middle of germany
    i come to your blog by flickr by the fotos of hanne:
    i lovelovelove norway and i'm sad that i can't travel as much as i long for...
    i'm a social worker since 1983 in youth welfare office and because i'm 64 i will retire next year at 30.09. (drum roll and wild dance :)))
    next norway i love your blog of your scandinavian everydaylife and i love your fotos of your family life
    thank you so much for sharing
    have a good time <3 <3 <3

  30. Hei, Astrid!
    Jeg er Tove på 39 fra verdens navle Blaker. Fant deg da dere bodde i Bergen, og liker så godt å følge deg og livet deres. Blir jo litt som å kikke inn hos andre, men det er veldig kos! Utenfra virker du så god på å nye små øyeblikk, og jeg er samtidig så glad for at du viser rot og kaos også. For jammen meg er det mye av det med unger (og voksne)! Vi har tre barn, uendelig med klesvask, sjelden reint hus, ofte litt for dårlig tid .. Men jeg får lurt inn baking og jogging. Dager uten sukker er utrolig vanskelig! Men jeg heier på deg der også.
    Ha en fin dag videre!

  31. Hi! I'm Monika, from Poland, but now I live in the USA (first in Texas, now in Illinois). I am an astronomer and a mom to one year old boy. So many people from PL here! I don't remember how I found your blog, but probably it was mentioned on some polish blog I visit and I found it probably 3-4 years ago. I like your blog for simplicity, photos and being real. I like all those photos and stories about small, every day struggles in the background. So nice to now I am not the only one with these!

  32. Hei! Tone fra Fredrikstad. Har fulgt deg i mange år, husker ikke hvor lenge. Liker godt hverdagsmagien og lyset som du alltid fanger så fint! Selv er jeg tvillingmamma og jobber med barn på barneverninstitusjon.

  33. Hola Astrid! Soy Ani de Bulgaria,pero llevo 15 años ya viviendo en Mallorca (España).Encontré tu blog a través del blog de Lorena Arance. Soy mama de uña niña de 3 años e igual que tu estudio y trabajo.Me encanta el blog por su realismo,tu optimismo y sentido de humor.No dejes de escribir nunca,para mi eres fuente de inspiración.Un abrazo,

  34. Jeg er Madeleine fra Trondheim. Har fulgt deg siden dere bodde i Bergen... aner ikke hvordan jeg fant deg. Liker at bloggen er "autentisk", hvis jeg kan si det? Ikke iscenesatt og full av poseringer.
    Selv jobber jeg som skuespiller og har tvilling- jenter på 4 år:)

  35. Hei!
    I'm Anna from Calgary, Canada.
    For a living, I work for a local non-profit organization as a financial literacy facilitator. Specifically, I run a matched savings program and I am transitioning into community leadership work.
    My family and I have moved around the western part of my country a lot, most recently we moved home to Calgary (my husband and I grew up here) from British Columbia. I have been married for 21 years, and we have two boys who are 20 and 19. In my free time I read many books and have recently begun knitting.
    When I was 9 my family moved to Kiruna, Sweden for 1 year while my Father worked on the Viking Satellite project. About 5 years ago I googled Scandinavian blogs and found you! I have continued reading your blog since because I enjoy your commentaries on daily life, how willing you are to share your experiences, and I enjoy your photography. You once sent me a print copy of one of your photos :)
    Thanks for sharing, I hope you continue!

  36. Hi! I'm quena from Italy, I'm a mom of three and I love norway. I like your photos and the stories of daily life of a Norwegian family, you also suggested me some good music! I don't remember how or when I started to follow your blog but I also follow hjartesmil and Maria vatne blog. Thank you!

  37. Hi Astrid,
    I'm Paola, I am half Italian and half Polish, married to a Greek and living now in Athens (Greece). I work as event organized and I am a mom of two (a girl and a boy a bit older than yours).
    I have started following your blog a good few years ago and I like your photos and the insight into a real (not IKEA) Scandinavian life style which balances my so Mediterranean one. And I like your houses and really enjoyed following the renovation of your new house.
    Keep the good work and take good care!

  38. Hi Astrid,
    My name is Paola, I am half Italian and half Polish, married to a Greek and living now in Athens Greece.
    I work as an event organizer and am mum to a girl and a boy a bit older than yours.
    I have been following your blog for quite a few years as I really like your photos and your tales on real everyday life of a Norwegian family. I enjoyed following the renovations of your house and your Scandinavian lifestyle (so different from mine but so appealing!).
    Keep the good job and take good care!

  39. Hi! I'm Nadia, from Seattle, WA, USA. My parents are from Norway - mom from Omastrand and dad is from Voss. I think I must have found your blog when I was googling about Voss? I can't remember exactly but know I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photos. Reminds me of my family back "home". :)

  40. Hei Astrid! Wow! What a big success your question is! I'm excited to have the opportunity to introduce myself! I'm Clara, from Colombia, but currently live in Spain. I'm a mum to an almost 2 year old girl, a researcher and a tea lover (I know, being colombian I should be a coffee lover instead). I found your blog through Lorena Arance's one and fell in love immediatly! I like the honesty of your everyday stories, and also love your very organized life (mine is always a bit chaotic) and hope one day will achieve at least half of your organization skills. I follow you since 2014, i think. Thanks for sharing your life with us! Thanks for being the owner of a place to come and find calm and relaxation, and big congrats on your 10 years of blogging! How amazing!

  41. Jeg har lest bloggen din siden du var hjemme med Sara, tror jeg. Det begynner å bli en stund! Synes du fanger hverdagen på en veldig fin måte, og fascineres stadig av hvordan du kan få til og med rotete kjøkkenbenk eller oppvask til å få en veldig fin estetikk på bilder. Jeg er ikke så flink til å kommentere på blogger lenger (noe skjedde etter barn nummer to!), men jeg leser stort sett alt du legger ut <3

  42. Hei Astrid! Jeg heter Anne Marit og har fulgt bloggen din helt siden begynnelsen (nesten?) uten at det betyr at jeg har lagt igjen så veldig mange spor etter meg. Jeg sjonglerer livet med deltidsstudier ved siden av fulltids jobb i Oslo. Jeg er fra Gjøvik, og trives såpass godt på østlandet at det føles utenkelig å flytte nord for Dovre, selv om han jeg er gift meg gjerne skulle tatt meg med til Trøndelag.

    Jeg liker alle bildene dine så godt. Spesielt stemningen du får fram i høyst hverdagslige motiv. Og listene. Og "I quit sweets" - som jeg også forsøkte meg på, men med mye dårligere selvdisiplin!

  43. Hi Astrid, I'm Maike, a long-time reader but first-time commenter :) I live in Germany, am a mother of two girls and work in the big bad business world although I'm currently on maternal leave. Fun fact: our younger daughter's middle name is Astrid.
    I've always enjoyed your blog because it is so authentic and down to earth. I'm also a big fan of all things organized and tidy myself :) During University I spent two summers doing research work in Bergen, so that's probably what got me started on your blog.

  44. Hei! Jeg heter Camilla og har lest bloggen din i noen år nå. Liker veldig godt at du skriver så fint og tar fine bilder av helt vanlige ting - det gjør at jeg setter bedre pris på mitt eget helt vanlige liv også, samt at jeg blir inspirert til å ta bilder selv. Likte veldig godt innleggene om mat og matplanlegging du skrev for noen år siden + innlegg om interiør/smarte løsninger i hjemmet (den plassbygde sofaen!).
    Håper du fortsetter å blogge lenge lenge!

  45. Hi Astrid. I'm Emily, from Cincinnati, Ohio, in the Midwestern US.

    I'm a very long-time reader of your blog. I know I've been reading since the early days of your blog, and I seem to remember finding you through Flickr, and then finding your blog, and enjoying it since then.

    We have corresponded a little bit (I previously had a blog, which I closed for personal reasons) over the years. Back in 2012, you featured one of my photos in your series "Why I Shoot Film" - here's a link to that entry, from early 2012.

    Here are the main reasons I love your blog, and return often:
    -Your photography is beautiful, and interesting
    -I like to follow your everyday stories (your work, your family, travel etc.)
    -Your healthy habits inspire me (e.g. exercise, diet etc.) to stick to my own healthy habits

    Another thing I like is to see images of such different landscapes, compared with those where I live. It's fascinating to see Scandinavia, a region I'd love to visit someday, but haven't yet. Travel is one of my greatest passions, and yet, I currently don't have the financial means to travel very much in a comfortable way -- and so, I read travel books/writing, and I enjoy travel photography. In this way, I can be an "armchair traveler," a phrase we use in the US.

    This comment has gotten very long, so I will close now, and just say that I greatly enjoy following your blog. I hope you continue posting, writing, and taking photos for a long time.

    Best wishes for a happy holiday season,
    Emily S.

  46. Hei Astrid, it´s me, Anja from Mainz in Germany! I´m 32 years old, lawyer and a mother of two. I´ve been reading your blog for many many years now (but I have to confess, that I never comment (lazy me)...) and I still and always enjoy the insights in your familiy life and the beautiful photos. I like most the "Things I like lately"-posts, because they focus on the good things in life, but they are - nevertheless - honest and authentic. A couple of years we spent some days in the wonderful city of Bergen and I always wondered if we meet rendomly :-) I admire you how you deal with work, studies and familiy life, wow! Many hugs from Germany!

  47. Hei Astrid, I'm Michelle, 34, American. I found your blog while I was living in Stockholm almost ten years ago. I've been following you, Molly (Orangette), Sandra Juto and Cup of Jo since forever. My husband and I visited Bergen on our honeymoon twelve years ago and I always loved your pics of regular life there. Now I love seeing you and your family's life evolve. I am a fan of both the content and the visual presentation of your posts! It's embarrassing to admit it but I would miss your posts an awful lot if you stopped blogging!!! I felt a hole in my heart when Yvonne Stehle (Moline) stopped blogging. Instagramming is not the same! Thank you for all of the effort you put into this blog!!!

  48. Hei Astrid, I'm Ilaria from Rome, Italy. A former journalist turned middle school teacher. I've been reading your blog for several years and I think I landed here from Flickr.

  49. Hi there, I’m Hanna from Poland. I’ve been following your blog for like six or seven years right now. I love how you describe and picture everyday life with it ups and downs. I find a reflection of my own reality in it. I also have tego children - a bit younger than yours - two boys (4 and 1). We are just having our birthday time :-) Right now I’m finishing my one-year maternity leave and gettoing back to work (I’m an English teacher, I give private lessons at home).

  50. Hi Astrid! My name is Taryn Domingos and I have been following your blog for all ten years! I can hardly believe it. I was happy to have found it when I did because in 2004 my husband and I spent our vacation in Norway. We stayed in a beautiful house in Bergen owned by a man called Axel who had two or three Burmese mountain dogs. Bergen was our favorite city in Norway and I loved to read about your life there. It brings back good memories of my time there. Now I read still because you feel like an old friend! My husband and I had a little girl (Edith) right around the same time as you and then a little boy (Odin) as well. I love hearing about your children, your wonderful husband, and your battles with sweets! I have those too ;o)

  51. hei Astrid,
    savner deg (og flickr-dagene!)!

  52. Hallo! Jeg heter Synne og er i ærlighetens navn ingen fast leser, men jeg kommer innom iblant for å titte på de stemningsfulle bildene dine!
    Oppdaget blogget din gjennom Ine (tidligere Koffeine, nå Noe fint hver dag), tror jeg, for hun er en av mine beste venner.
    Jeg vil ønske deg ei hyggelig førjulstid!

  53. Hello Astrid
    I'm Bruna, from Brazil.
    I already wrote to you by message in instagram
    I follow your blog since 2012, I do not lose your updates
    Your pictures are beautiful and your home is inspiring.

  54. Hei! I'm Hilde, and live in Stavanger too. I've followed your blog since you lived in Bergen, mostly because we have similar aesthetics (I really like your photos), and because of your down-to-earth blogging style. A few weeks ago I saw Sølve jogging around Mosvatnet (the lake) with one of your kids in a trolley, and that made me smile (everything that makes me smile this time of year is very welcome!)

  55. Hi hello! This commentarea is so fun with all the different kinds of readers from all over the world!
    I'm Julia from Germany and I found your blog via flickr some years ago (awww, good old flickr-times...). Your way to take picture via phone or film is so inspiring - like the ones you take from nature, vacation, family or the ones you took from your Bergen living room with the wonderful view or now from or by your new home. And you really rock: switching your profession with two toddlers isn't easy, even with the husbands help and family help (and the help of coffee and chocolate...) but you don't show it as an easy peasy thing, it's sometimes hard but it seems worth all the struggle. And that is inspirational too. #superastrid Thank you for sharing glimpses of your life.

  56. Hello Astrid,
    I am Nicole and I live in south-west France. Long time reader, from Doni's Delis blog i think.
    Like your photos and everyday and family stories, seems very exotic to me !
    As a (retired) schoolhead, i am very interested in your job, training and school stories.
    I like nature, art and travels; and had to opportunity, years ago, to go to Norway (Stavanger and Oslo).
    Thank you and carry on !

  57. Hello Astrid!
    I am Marie-Eve, a French Canadian living in the countryside of a small town of Quebec, Canada. I am a freelance photographer and web designer. I've been following your blog for 8 years, maybe?... Don't know for sure. I used to own a bakery cafe (opened it in 2009 and sold it five years later) and remember reading your words back then.
    I love your simplicity, honesty, beautiful home and children. I have a list of blogs that I read in alphabetical order (yes...) and when I am about to read yours, It feels like a warm cup of coffee. Réconfort, we say.
    Thank you for everything!

  58. Ahoj,
    I am Alena Vyskočilová from Slovakia, from village Marianka.
    I am mother of four childrens, two autistic...
    I like look at your ordinary live and your pictures of live:-)
    Pokojný Advent!

  59. Hi!! I am Karen from the North West of England. I am a Scandinavia obsessive, completely in love with Sweden and Norway. I have visited Sweden many, many times as my brother lives there and I have been to Oslo once. I will be back, it's stunning.
    I love to see your images and hear about your hectic life and have been following you since just before Sverre was born.
    I am an embroiderer, stitching away on my own at home....x

  60. Hi! Here's Emma from Torino, in the North West of Italy. I'm a long time reader of your blog and you're always been inspiring for me and my everyday life photographs. I love the light in your pictures. Thank you <3

  61. Hi Astrid! I'm Marta and I've been following your blog since a long time now. I so appreciate the beauty of the simple things in everyday life and your blog is such an inspiration for me! Plus, I fell in love with Norway some years ago and I love getting somehow in touch with the habits of a proper Norwegian, so thank you :)
    Lots of love

  62. Hi Astrid! I'm Sera and I live in Seattle, in the US. I just found your blog and I love it! It reminds me of my old days of blogging and it makes me want to take it up again. Maybe I will. I adore your lists 5 good things. I love that idea. I've been trying to cultivate gratitude lately and maybe this is just the thing. Thank you!

  63. Merry Christmas Astrid!
    My name is Anita. I live in North Vancouver, Canada. I first came across your blog many years ago. Your blog is the only one that I read and have ever read. I enjoy your blog for many reasons. I love your photos; especially your travel and landscape photos and all of your photos of Norway. I also really enjoy your writing. I find many similarities in lifestyle between our lives in Canada and yours in Norway; my family loves being outdoors, skiing, hiking in the mountains, etc. Bergen and North Vancouver also have very similar landscapes. I am a freelance writer, as you used to be. I really enjoy your blog and hope that you continue. Thank you!

  64. hi Astrid! I am one of those readers from the Flickr community days and really have enjoyed visiting here for many years now! I used to shoot more rolls of film about a decade ago but sadly my Iphone has been the only camera I use these days. I live in the New York City area am a mama to a 2 year old and I used to be a professional commercial photographer and now work as a project manager. For me I enjoy seeing how life is like where you live (I wish I could get outdoors more!) I also really enjoyed your food photos :)



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