Friday, 13 October 2017

things I like lately - Provence version

- autumn break in Provence, France - it was so, so, so nice to have a week of summer in the middle of autumn; we will definitely do it again. It was like the perfect oasis in the middle of a busy autumn semester.
- spending time together as a family - including my parents, my sister and her family
- seeing how much Sara enjoyed playing with her cousin S (nearly 3 years old)
- seeing how fascinated Sverre was with his baby cousin H (10 months)
- renting a house with a pool - always a hit with the kids (even though the water was a bit too cold)
- red wine from the vineyard 500 meters from the house
- the weather - chilly in the morning and during the night (so no need for the air conditioner), and balmy 25c (sometimes more) during the day - perfect, if you ask me
- blue skies galore
- tan lines
- fresh croissants from the local bakery
- tomatoes from the organic produce store - so sweet and tasty!
- working out by the pool - keeping up my BodyBoss routine during the vacation and made my sister and mother join me
- the gorgeous view of Gorges du Verdon seen from Lac de Sainte-Croix
- the village of Aups - a true idyll
- the narrow alleys in the village of Villecroze
- market day in Lorgues, especially the fresh produce section - it made me want to buy all the vegetables and cook up a storm
- the big olive tree cutting board and salad bowl Sølve bought at the market
- swimming in the Mediterranean
- the smell of warm pine trees overlooking the small cove where we had our swim
- seeing how much Sverre loves throwing rocks in the water
- vineyards and olive trees in sunset
- the light in general
- playing board games with Sara by candlelight on the big outdoor patio table
- the super yummy wrap bought for lunch at Pret A Manger at the airport in Nice; I think it was chicken in a tomato and red bell pepper sauce, feta, lettuce and fresh coriander
- savouring a sesame vanilla macaroon and coffee (which I never drink when traveling with the kids because of the risk of spilling all over) bought at the airport whilst writing this and Sverre napping on my lap during the flight from Nice to Copenhagen
- watching him wake up
- USB port in the seat back in front of me on the plane - so convenient!
- traveling with Sara and Sverre is surprisingly smooth - they are such great little travelers

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- tiled bathroom floors with no underfloor heating - so cold! I really liked the heated towel rack though!

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