Wednesday, 25 October 2017

life, week 39

Good things before 8 am on a Monday morning: 
- warm hugs from a sleepy Sverre
- a pink and peach coloured sunrise 
- sun streaming through the foliage of the beech forest 
- red and orange maple leaves against a pure blue sky
- the forecast says it will be 20c today - what’s not to love about indian summer?!

Monday workout // week 3 of pre-training #BodyBoss #bosseffect // there are lots of boobs, bellies and booties in those #BodyBoss photos, a little more than I can relate to, but the workouts are really good. Well, I guess it doesn’t hurt to work those parts of my body a little more than running can do... We are all a little vain, aren’t we?

camp (leirskole) with my 9th graders // great weather, great fun

before // new sofa delivery tomorrow // also: to have the day off after camp (leirskole) and a night with little sleep 🙌🏻

new sofa // work in progress

weekend agenda: writing a paper

Such an eager little helper.

Amalie Skram, Professor Hieronimus and hysteria // I’m on a roll! 🤓💪🏻

From Amalie Skram and hysteria to Stephanie Blake and 💩. A Saturday study in literary contrasts. Also 🤓💪🏻💨🙌🏻 for finishing the paper unexpectedly early.

We are all big fans of the new huge sofa!

 - - -

Week 39: September 25 - October 1


  1. Love all of these pictures :)

  2. thank you for sharing all those pictures
    and thank you for going on with blogging
    and three thumps up for the huge sofa
    it looks very cozy
    lg birgit

  3. Hei! Working out isn'nt vain at all. For me it is mostly about having a healthy and strong body, which is very practical and important.
    I love the free you tube channel Fitness blender. They have so many amazing videos of different workouts and a very healthy approach to exercise. (I dont work for them, they are very popular.)
    Have a nice weekend :)

  4. Edmonton, Canada29 October 2017 at 01:12

    Hi Astrid,

    I would love to know the Norwegian term for "Indian Summer"(if it is different). Indian Summer is one of my favourite times of the year too. Thank you for sharing your blog.



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