Monday, 23 October 2017

life, week 38

great mail day 🙌🏻 // beautiful work by @anjadahle

Monday snack box and lunch room conversation topic. Because it's very organised and I'm borderline OCD. But maybe it will inspire my colleagues to eat more greens too?

Monday blues

Such a beautiful evening and I have burried myself in my books in the basement of the University library - my favorite reading room. That's the priorities of a working and studying mamma. Lucikly this too shall pass.

I asked her if she could bring the bottles of soap to the bathroom. Well, mission accomplished.

One step closer to having a functioning basement again.

Classroom C305 view, September 21

Friday 06:50 am // candlelit solo breakfast

classic toddler behaviour

Saturday agenda: trying to deal with the clutter galore

It has been a while.

Sunday agenda: unpacking the basement. Well, not all of us obviously...

Unpacking takes time when you stumble across gems like these...

getting there // but first a beak on the freshly done day bed

- - -

Week 38: September 18-24

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