Sunday, 3 September 2017

things I like lately

from the Bergen apartment archives // Kodak Portra 400, Canon EOS 500N

- noticing that mornings and evenings are a little chillier (it has dropped below 10c already) and the light has changed - I love the transition from one season to another, yet I must admit I'm a little ambivalent about the coming of autumn...
- listening to the rain outside my bedroom window as I fall asleep
- swimming under the stars
- a couple of After Eights after a creamy salmon pasta dinner at Matmagasinet
- making oatmeal for breakfast - there is something so comforting about it
- celebrating my father-in-law's birthday and seeing how eager Sara was in the preparation for the party
- Linn has started blogging again
- catching up with girlfriends over dinner
- listening to the stories my brave friend K tells from her work with the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders all around the world - such contrasts my life as a mamma, teacher and student
- fresh croissants and bread delivered to my front door on a Sunday morning
- a haircut - it has been a while
- homemade red currant cordial and raspberry jam deliveries from my mother-in-law
- a sunny weekend

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- feeling overwhelmed about the busyness of everyday life - already... Hopefully this will change - at least a little bit - when I get more into the swing of things

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