Tuesday, 19 September 2017

life, week 37

Days are busy from dawn till dusk, yet I always make time to prepare a smoothie and healthy snacks keep me going through the day. #iquitsweettreats is going pretty well. How about you?

ready for roasting // will add avocado and feta for lunch tomorrow

A favorite in the early autumn flower beds.

It's coming.

Another week, another fort.

It was a really good afternoon.

practice, practice, practice 

2! And so happy to point out the animal stickers he didn't want to go inside.

Sooo proud of his crown and birthday poster!

He even brought it inside when we went to pick up Sara at school. 

Saturday morning mood

To drink coffee in the warm September sun after a Saturday afternoon nap.

the start of his career in kindergarten art

We do a lot of reading here, especially the Ingrid and Thomas books.

The not so photogenic mix of spinach, kale and strawberry.

Sunday afternoon mood // he really wanted to go in the water but he definitely found it too cold

To end the weekend like this. (It was not all pure bliss, but it never is, is it?)

 - - -

Week 37: September 11-17


  1. Happy happy birthday to little Sverre! He looks so cute and tender with his poster..

  2. Oh bless him! Happy Birthday to Sverre!Love the poster! It's such a great idea! 2 is a big and great number xxx



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