Monday, 18 September 2017

life, week 36

Monday 8 am, 10c and rising. Not a cloud in sight. Got to work a little later than expected because I had to wake up sleepyhead Sverre at 0730 am.

dinner planning with the fresh school girl // the second and third lines are her attempts at writing like adults 

morning coffee with a view // slowly making progress in the basement

...which is great, because...

...I'm tired of having a basement... this.

Afternoons with a soon to be two years old (in one week!)...

...involves books...

...more than I realised. 

lunch boxes for tomorrow ✔️ new blog post ✔️ in bed before 10 pm 👎🏻😬

Saturday morning accomplishment // granola #5 is 🙌🏻 @mollyorangette

Saturday shopping before the crowds. 

First run in a very long time...

...but it was one I didn't want to miss #meilenfuerrobert

Because sometimes all you need is your best friends and to drink wine from a straw.

All the willpower on a Sunday afternoon. And coffee!

- - - 

Week 36: September 4-10

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  1. Looks like a multifaceted week! Books for kids are always a good idea.. and so is going for a run! Can't wait to do that this week. Oh, and good luck on the basement!:)
    X finja |



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