Monday, 28 August 2017

life, week 33

Monday 7 am, 10 C and overcast // getting ready for the first day back to work after a 7 weeks summer vacation

I guess there is a lot to be said about writing outside the box.

everyday life 4:30 pm

chamomile tea for two // working on making this a habit every night 

still excited about this #ikeacatalog

Apparently I was rather distant minded last night when I put the veggie balls back in the "freezer"...

Take away dinner (raw carrot and homemade cauliflower soup) and random colour coordination whilst trying to motivate myself for an afternoon with Ludvig Holberg & Co.

This too shall pass... 

current lunch favorite: bulgur with basil pesto, veggie balls from ikea, tomatoes, avocado and fresh ground pepper

The school year is officially on!

"I just want to take a photo of the sun. It's pretty."

Saturday study session view // childhood home

endless entertainment 

Oh sweet son of mine, what are you doing in there? 
It turned out he was looking for a small ball - which he found. He needed help to get out though. 

Sunday study session view // the play table is gone and Sara has a new favorite cosy spot

Sunday afternoon at the children's museum - Sara's request - with the bonus of taxidermy. 

 - - -

Week 33: August 14-20

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