Thursday, 24 August 2017

life, week 32

Monday mood: 13 C, rain and a wool scarf // I have one week left of my (long teacher's summer) vacation and I'm feeling the pressure of both making the most of it plus the calm before the storm

She told her story, we shared our memories and we cried. It hurt yet it felt good.

A dip sauce pesto-ish thingy made on a whim. Arugula, walnuts, cashews, a little olive oil, avocado, salt and pepper. It was good; I might even make it again. 

He lined up the bottles and played happily for at least five minutes. #mammabliss

roses from the garden for our anniversary // celebrating nine years of marriage this year

I have worn this dress three times this summer. The first two times were in our friends' weddings. Today I wore it for our dear friend's funeral.

Project Sunday hikes is on!

First Sunday hike destination: Skåpet

A cabin view to love.

There was an unexpected long queue for the ferry. At least the view was good.

Packed lunch leftovers in Sunday sunset.

- - -

Week 32: August 7-13

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