Thursday, 17 August 2017

life, week 31

Mamma daughter date on the day before she starts after school activities (SFO).

I like to start my morning with ginger lemon shot, inspired by this.

A few new things for the soon to be school girl. All chosen by her. #dinosaurftw

I planned to document all dinners this week and blog about them. But this is it.


While Sara has her first day of after school activities (SFO), I'm having my first study session of the semester. "Text in context" is on!

I can't believe our basement flooded! Moments before I was frolicking around in the massive rain shower, happily unaware what was to come.

Two laps around the lake whilst catching up with the best @marenlerang. Then a 7 minutes workout session in the garden and a berry avocado smoothie for dessert. And random matching spots of pink in the picture frame. So much goodness in a few evening hours.

coffee in bed, 7 minutes workout done, Sverre and Sølve are already gone, and now breakfast, the paper, Sara and the iPad // I could get used to this kind of mornings

No words needed for the beauty of a cloud like this.

First thing in the morning.

A moment of sibling idyll. Moments later it was loud and not so peaceful. 

For the love of weekend breakfasts. 

"Mamma! Come take a photo of us!"

weekend study session

- - -

Week 31: July 31 - August 6

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