Tuesday, 8 August 2017

life, week 28

Until next time, Iceland! // Week 32 note: More Iceland photos are coming, I just want to spread them out a bit because I'm such a strategic blogger. Ha! 

Late dinner due to the two hours time difference from Iceland. Not a big difference, but just enough to mess up routines. It's good to be home though.

Will these bottles make them drink green smoothies, I wonder. At least they can drink them without making too much of a mess. That has to count for something.

Note to self: oat waffles with cheese and bacon is such a treat!

On the summer vacation agenda: a clear out of Sara's room. 

Making little photo collages to put on her bedroom wall.

To be reunited with your toys after a vacation.

post swim treat: chocolate sandwich spread // also: big hurrahs for the new (heated) outdoor pool 5 minutes walk from our house

Summer vacation, part two: a long weekend at the idyllic island of Fogn (a little north of Stavanger) with friends. // Week 32 note: Fogn photos are coming soon-ish. 

The Fogn cabin's next door neighbour is a tomato farmer. He had lots of tomatoes to spare. I predict tomato sauce making in near future. 

- - -

Week 28: July 10-16

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  1. I see every photo. Sara and Sverre relaxed at home, sharing moments, everyday scenes and I know because I love photography. Photography comfort me.
    And seeing your photos, they always make me feel cozy, happy.



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