Wednesday, 2 August 2017

life, week 26

Writing her last goodbyes to the wonderful women in kindergarten who have taken such great care of her for the last three years.

this morning on our way to kindergarten // vacation mode

catching up with ex colleagues for lunch (vacation 🙌🏻)

#iquitsweettreats sucks! Right now I just want all the sweets. The struggle is real! This Greek style vanilla flavoured yoghurt *kind of* does the trick though.

Today is her very last day of kindergarten. I'm so much more emotional about it than her.

Iceland bound and a moment of unexpected peace to enjoy my hot coffee. 

The main reason for our Iceland travels: our friends' wedding! 
- - - 

Week 26: June 26 - July 2

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  1. Sara is a little woman. I still remember your pregnancy and when she was born. I was fascinated. I remember many images of your new family in your first and beautiful apartment.



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