Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Iceland // oh the smell of rotten eggs

If only I could let you smell the warm scent of rotten eggs...

Hverir is definitely like a different planet! 

I overheard an Englishman saying: "It's like swimming in boiled egg water." To the point, I must say!

12 degrees Celsius and rain // it was divine // Myvatn Nature Baths 

evening walk in Dimmuborgir // in the car back to the hotel we introduced the kids to one of Norway's biggest musical exports, namely Dimmu Borgir - not our first choice of music, to be honest 



  1. Wow!
    Island må være et av de største reisedrømmene mine!
    Ser helt fantastisk ut! Flotte bilder!

  2. Herregud, så nydelige bilder! Klarer meg fint uten lukta da, det må jeg si, haha.

  3. Gorgeous! Also loved the Myvatn nature baths! We stayed until closing time. It was so surreal and amazing!



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