Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Iceland // north bound

pleasing aesthetics // goodbye #fosshotelvatnajökull // day 5 driving route on Google Maps

This was a random stop along the coast to stretch our legs; it turned out to be total zen. As it turns out, the whole family loves searching for the perfect pebbles. 

Running off some steam after hours of driving.

lovely lunch with noisy company (my own kids...) at Hotel Aldan in Seydisfjordur 

Such beautiful landscape on the drive from Seydisfjordur to the Myvatn area. But why haven't the children fallen asleep yet? They already have their pyjamas on. This in not according to our plan for a peaceful late evening drive...

To frolic around in the reception area of a hotel in your pyjamas way past your bedtime. 

room with a (11 pm) view, part three // not pictured: falling asleep in the car fail = falling asleep in the same room challenge

When the husband says he will take care of putting the overtired kids to bed and asks you to have a nightcap and enjoy the sunset and (possible) volcano view. #mombliss

pleasing aesthetics, part two // While I was busy grading midterm papers, Sølve and his father did a great job booking accommodation for our stay at Iceland. It was all a bit last minute and we ended up paying more per night than we originally planned, but the bonus is - for me at least - some aesthetically pleasing stays. These photos are from Hotel Laxá.

"I'm just gonna take a photo of this nature porn." Quote: Husband Sølve at midnight

room with a view, 2 am version // really should go to bed asap

- - -

PS: I have posted a few short Iceland videos to my Instagram. Follow me there if you are interested to have a look. I'm halloastrid


  1. A very beautiful series of photos. I appreciate the hotel tips as we want to visit Iceland from Canada. You are lucky that you live so close to Iceland. Really enjoy your blog.



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