Monday, 7 August 2017

Iceland // Þingvellir and Geysir

My little man exploring the greatness of Þingvellir. Well, mostly he stopped to explore the little rocks in his path rather than the massive formations surrounding him.

Tectonics, continental drift, volcanoes and earthquakes were amongst the topics I taught my 8th graders earlier this year. It was pretty cool to see all this "live".  

Sara inherited my old digital compact camera and got it as a gift for this trip. It was great fun seeing how quickly she turned into an eager photographer - just like her mamma.

Sverre was close to terrified when he saw the geyser eruption live, but he wanted to see the video again and again when we got back to the cabin.

After a day of seeing some of the most popular sights in Iceland, we got back to our cabin at Skálholt... see this amazing sight. Nature ftw!  

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  1. Beautiful atmospheric photos of Iceland. The sky reminds me of Northern Alberta, Canada. Thank you for posting them.



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