Saturday, 29 July 2017

things I like lately

As I write this I sit inside a beautiful seaside cabin on the south coast of Norway; watching the sea and listening to the hammering rain. Sverre and little H are napping, my friend M is reading a book in the other corner of the sofa, the dads and the other three kids are out fishing. Tomorrow is the last day of our family vacation; Sverre starts kindergarten on Monday and Sara has her first day of after-school activities (SFO) on Tuesday. I still have a few weeks off (teacher's vacation *praise hands emoji*) while Sølve starts work again on Monday. Life is slowly turning back to its normal (busy) pace. I'm hoping to slowly get back to my blogging routine to tell you about our summer adventures, especially the ten days road trip on Iceland and our first camping trip as a family (in this gorgeous place). Until then, here are a few things I like lately:

- weeks and weeks of summer vacation
- spending lots of time together as a family
- Sverre is talking up a storm lately
- the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning
- seeing how much fun Sara has playing with her cousins and her friend U
- catching up with lots of friends
- fresh raspberries
- watermelon
- tan lines (hardly visible, but still)
- not wearing socks for weeks
- wearing shorts as often as possible - even when it's a bit too chilly because that's how Norwegian summers are
- drinking champagne with the best of friends plus sea view
- spending a sunny summer day by the sea
- road tripping as a family - the kids are surprisingly patient on long drives
- first time camping as a family
- morning coffee by a campfire
- grilled nectarines with vanilla ice cream
- tomato and basil bruschetta
- my new daily routine of 7 minute workouts - I'm completely hooked!
- homemade wood fired pizzas - because our friend's dad built a wood fired oven at their cabin
- the new outdoor pool that is only a five minutes walk from our home
- Sara is sooo close to being a swimmer
- Sverre's love for baths - in any kind of water there is; tub, pool, sea, river, hot springs

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- the brutal contrasts of life and how things can be turned completely upside down over night


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