Friday, 2 June 2017

things I like lately

Random film photo - unrelated to anything in today's list, but a reminder that I should pick up my film camera again; I haven't finished a film all year. // London, 2010 // Kodak Ektar 100, Canon EOS 500N 

- celebrating 19 years as a couple
- Sara's first visit to her school; meeting her teacher and classmates for the first time
- a weekend in Sweden for our friends' wedding (more on that later)
- the first sea swim of the season
- wild flowers have started blooming
- my mother-in-law for mending my family's clothes - really should learn to do this better myself!
- our tips and tricks for traveling with children
- traveling with cloth diapers
- the spelt and pumpkin seed bread from ØkoBakeriet, ordered via the near life saving service Brødboksen
- simple stuff: hangers (my kind of nerving)
- the constantly relevant debate of how much/how little we parents share of our children online: - Foreldre bryter daglig barnekonvensjonen on barns rett til privatliv // Mine jenter har rett til privatliv // my thoughts on blogging about my baby (written in 2014)

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- still too much grading - finally seeing the end of it though

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