Wednesday, 28 June 2017

life, week 25

baby steps towards another start of #iquitsweettreats // Tuesday dessert: raspberry mousse from #greenkitchenathome

more baby steps towards project I quit sweet treats and beyond: less hot dogs, more vegetables // leftover sweet potato mash, guacamole with coriander, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber and store bought Thai flavoured fishcakes 


first day of my eight weeks summer vacation // slept until 1130 (!) // #thelifeofateacher

things I like lately: new green plants, including a small monstera

midsummer eve 11:15 pm

Saturday 8 am

Saturday 10 am

Wondering if this spot will be too dark for the new philodendron. Also, note to self: must rehang that photo!

- - -

Week 25: June 19-25

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