Tuesday, 27 June 2017

life, week 24

This is a Pokéstop, in case you didn't know. I didn't know either until now. Because it has come to this; I'm collecting Pokéballs on my way to kindergarten pickup, so that Sara and I can go out and catch some Pokémons this afternoon. #momlife

Tuesday mood: all midterm papers are graded (🙌🏻) and we are having ice cream before lunch.

healthy snack lunch box of the day, Monday edition

that 9:30 pm summer light

first terrace bath of the season // not pictured: the sudden lower back pain that made it almost impossible to carry those buckets of water

Friday 8:30 am // meeting my class in the city centre for a day out and about // still 20 minutes to spare

healthy snack lunch box of the day, Friday edition

a lucky catch for the light hunter

salad saving duty // so embarrassed by the amount of food I had to throw away because it had gone bad // busy days + a fridge full of food + no time to prioritise cooking or organising the fridge = no good 

Ant spotting whilst avoiding the grass.

Oh the joy of throwing rocks in water!

Making childhood memories in my childhood neighbourhood.

I quickly snapped this shot and then rushed away. I do not like to be too close to a swan couple with their babies.

 - - -

Week 24: June 12-18

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