Monday, 26 June 2017

life, week 23

no grading today - enjoying Sunday on a Monday to the fullest // sandbox in the garden ftw

little helper

little, but not so little, helper

kale flowers // smells like fart

museum week // Stavanger museum's chair collection

museum week // dressed up like factory workers at Hermetikkmusee

post Wednesday dinner scene // fingers crossed that my cooking mojo will be back now that work is slowing down

We were so close to cancelling the annual kindergarten bbq party due to typical Norwegian summer weather (= rain), but at the last minute the sun came and...


...we all got to grill our hot dogs.

We did not have to worry about the weather for the annual teachers' summer party though.

Saturday 1115 am // all alone in the house and I got to sleep for as long I want

all the heart eyes emojis

 - - -

Week 23: June 5-11

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