Thursday, 22 June 2017

life, week 22

Big milestone: first visit to her school; meeting her teacher and classmates. In August she's a big little first grader.

In a few hours I will have yet another pile of student texts to grade.

Just a quiet moment with some pretty light. Well, that's not correct. Sverre was not exactly quiet as he shouted for a ball from the bathtub - with no water - in the bathroom behind me.

Busy drawing whales. One of the pretty random words he has learnt recently.

The first cup of the day is always my favorite. Even though I drink it in the busyness of making the kids' lunch boxes, feeding them breakfast and reminding Sølve that it is morning and he has to get up.

weekend mornings like this

never ending weekend work // no rest for the wicked // #thelifeofateacher

Project I quit sweet treats is on hold until life slows down (meaning: until my summer vacation starts), but at least I'm keeping this little heathy habit alive: bringing this box (this one from Sistema) filled with fruit, vegetables and nuts for lunch every day.

rododendron galore and I love it

weekend work routine: one hour of work, then a short lap around campus to clear my head and get fresh air // repeat all day long // #thelifeofateacher

this is (nearly) the end #thelifeofateacher

Just as I packed my things and got ready to leave the basement of the University library, the sun found its way down there. It made me happy.

- - - 

Week 22: May 29 - June 4

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