Friday, 19 May 2017

things I like lately

Of course I had to have my (dorky) picture taken in front of this shop in Amsterdam - which indeed is one of the things I like lately.

- a weekend in beautiful Amsterdam with six of my girlfriends
- drinking (a little too much) bubbly with said girlfriends
- so inspired by the elegant style of pretty much all cyclists in Amsterdam - no head-to-toe practical all-weather outfits like we Norwegians tend to wear
- Dutch bikes, like this one (the crate in the front is a must have!) or this - on my wish list (will adopt said elegant style too - at least on sunny days...)
- being introduced to this cool concept store in Amsterdam - Wildernis - and being inspired to get more green plants and hang them
- continuing to update my wardrobe - mostly at COS
- making a big batch of tomato sauce and freeze half of it for future dinners
- seeing Sverre frolic around in the garden naked for the first time - oh the joy
- remembering to moisturise my feet, especially my heels, before bedtime - to make them ready for sandal season
- buying Sara's school backpack and matching pencil case - I can't believe she's soon a school girl!
- hanging out with our friends on Constitution day and the day before - so nice to catch up!
- blog comments that make my day and convince me to keep on blogging - even though there is little time left to prioritise it lately - hence this unplanned two weeks break
- de 10 viktigste tingene
- Mariell's shop!
- how to be a mom in 2017

- - -

Things I like lately

- being a tourist pedestrian in Amsterdam - there were quite a few close encounters with busy biking locals...
- so. much. work.


  1. What a great weekend it was in Amsterdam! :)




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