Monday, 22 May 2017

life, week 19

pre bedtime coloring date

garden status, early May

is #HSOTD - healthy snack of the day - a thing? // to make up for epic #iquitsweettreats fail

Kudos to Sølve for remembering to put the flag up for May 8, Victory in Europe Day (Frigjøringsdagen - liberation day - in Norwegian). Oh the duties of a flag pole owner.

grading, grading, grading // takk for motivasjonslistetipset @plutomickey #thelifeofateacher

Enjoying the fleeting beauty of a blooming tree and 8:30 pm sunlight.

- - -

Week 19: May 8-14

1 comment:

  1. My idea of quitting sweets turned somehow into not so many sweets. So, Yay, I'm loving the idea of #HSOTD! Healthy snacks rulez!



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