Saturday, 20 May 2017

life, week 18

"Nam, nam, nam." // I took a similar photo of Sara when she was the same age. So sweet!

screw you guys, I'm going home // ready or not, the exam is tomorrow

The reward after spending too many hours at the university reading room: a husband who makes dinner (and is super happy that the bbq season is on).

• exam - check! 
• sudden summer temperatures - check! 
• first al fresco dinner of the season - check! 
• played outside until bedtime - check!

Supper and bedtime reading out on the terrace. This is what we long for during the grey, cold and wet winter months.

Today's beautiful hike...

...took a much more dramatic turn than we ever could have expected. Luckily no one got hurt and the fire is out. #dalsnuten #opptur2017 #opptur #stavangerturistforening

On her wish list: a tree house

Such a cliché spring photo, but it has to be taken. Because blue skies and plum tree blossoms in my garden make me smile.

afternoons like this

enough said // it only lasted for five minutes though

pre bedtime play date

kitchen still life at 9:40 pm

this // *all the heart eyes emojis*

Sunday evening lunch prep // Monday morning me will thank Sunday evening me for this gesture

- - - 

Week 18: May 1-7

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  1. I love your week posts, especially this week as I've not particularly enjoyed my everyday life this recently. It's so wonderful how you document it, and it makes me wonder what mine would look like if I stopped more often to capture the moments in between, and not just the "fun" days and good times. Keep going Astrid, and hats off to you for spinning so many plates at the same time. I hope you pat your own back every now and again :)



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