Monday, 1 May 2017

life, week 17

balloon, basement, brilliant light // Little moments like this make me so happy. Even though they are ever so fleeting. 

Minutes later.

And then there was this. Walking into the last light on my evening stroll around the lake. It was a good day for the light hunter.

Really?! It was gone within a few hours though. 

9 pm light spotting on my way home from the University.

Thursday: • I have the day off (and tomorrow) to study for my exam • saw the cutest little lambs on my walk to Uni • scored the last vacant spot in my favourite reading room at the University library • fingers crossed for a super productive day

a fleeting colour coordination // ting man oppdager når man trenger en pause fra Ivar Aasen, Knud Knudsen og de

Vanilla flavoured Greek yogurt and granola with oats, quinoa and chia - surprisingly good // apparently today is the day for random spots of yellow colour coordination

The I just finished an 11 hour study session bathroom mirror selfie. Also: yellow! PS: thoughts from a university reading room, part III

So happy to see this after too many hours with my books.

And then this...

...and this. Because sunsets never fail to please.

Reading about the history of names and finding the original (I think) version of my name;  Ástríðr

all the yellow // this is the only piece of scrambled eggs I got; the kids wolfed down the rest #egglovers

Big smiles and squints for Saturday company at uni and more completely random yellow coordination.

This is officially the week of good light, yellow and long hours at the University reading room.

- - -

Week 17: April 24-30


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