Saturday, 29 April 2017

thoughts from a university reading room, part III

So, the thing about studying part time, working full-time, being a mother of two, a wife and all that jazz... It's super busy and I'm really looking forward to this period being over (in two semesters, if I pass my exams) yet this is my priority. I want to be a Norwegian teacher and I want a permanent teaching job, so I just have to get these exams done. It won't be less busy if I wait a few years. I guess this is the price I have to pay when I change career midstream. Also, could never ever have done this without the support and help from my family. Someone has to feed my children whilst I dive deep into my books and miss their sweet faces. Totally embracing the concept of "it takes a village to raise a chid"!

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  1. Well... what comes out from your shared pages here is that you are a great woman. Really!

  2. Besteforeldre ftw! Hva hadde vel hverdagen vært uten? Og bonusen er barn som får et nært og godt forhold til dem, og foreldre som får gjort mer enn man noen gang trodde var mulig. Og hos oss er det ingen som studerer en gang .. Jeg heier på deg fra sidelinja! Leser alltid bloggen, men kommenterer jo ikke. Nå var det på tide! Lykke til! Hilsen Tove



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