Tuesday, 25 April 2017

life, week 16

Because Sunday on a Monday deserves a sweet treat. Easing my way into round three of project I quit sweet treats.

Always happy to see them work together. This time giving new life to part of the garden, with compost.

It has been a while since I have been around the lake. So nice to see how much spring has sprung.

Thumps up for post dinner garden play!

She is really into Roald Dahl these days - and I'm loving it!

Evening walks around the lake for the win. Especially in weather like this.

Because I got a job offer and accepted it. In short: I got to keep my job for another year and I'm super happy about it.

Another weekend, another project - a sandbox for the kids. Sverre is pretty eager to "help" too.

It's so satisying with a project that can be planned and completed in one day. Quote: super pappa and sandbox constructor Sølve

I had forgotten about my strong dislike of sand. Sandbox sand gets everywhere just like beach sand. Of course. We need a strategy to avoid sand all over the house. Is it even possible to avoid the sand? #momproblems

Another afternoon, another walk around the lake. Hoping to keep up this new routine for a while.

handwritten study notes ftw // oh the importance of proper pen selection // thoughts from a Sunday study session at the University reading room

- - -

Week 16: April 17-23


  1. Congrats on keeping your job, Astrid!

  2. Congrats on keeping your job, Astrid!



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