Monday, 24 April 2017

life, week 15

Keeping up the new cabin coffee making ritual: eagerly helping grandpa grind the beans.

Perk of getting up early: watching the sun rise. 

ludo debut and loving it

Listening to her play whilst grading student papers. Oh the life of a (still quite fresh) teacher...

I asked her to find things to bring to Voss; love how organised it is. (If you know me, you know how organised I am, so seeing my daughter being organised - at least for a few minutes - makes my heart sing.)

Easter 2017, part two: Voss bound

Timmy time // mamma time

reaching // deep

Such a beautiful day! I even got some grading done. #thelifeofateacher

We opted for hanging out by the lake instead of skiing. It was the best choice.

favourite toddler // favourite dog

A campfire and hotdogs are always a good idea.

Watching dry leaves dance in the wind. Laughing.

around the house, family holiday home edition

to learn to climb stairs

because the light // also, Sølve made all those blocks for our first niece when she was Sverre's age

thank you and goodbye

almost home // the end of a long day driving - and queuing - in Easter traffic 

- - - 

Week 15: April 10-16

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