Tuesday, 18 April 2017

life, week 12

He insisted on carrying his backpack by himself, just like his big sister does. 

Coming home to this after a busy workday was just perfect.

Thursday dinner: simple, sad yet scrumptious - store bought Thai fish cakes and cucumber // elsk på de nye thaifiskekakene fra Lofoten!

cousins *heart eyes emoji*

Saturday night view - with gin tonic in hand (cheers!): husband making no less than five pizzas whilst listening to Pod Save America. Our future selves will be so happy about a freezer filled with homemade deliciousness.

Sunday agenda: nephew's baptism, hanging out with family and all that jazz

parents' living room still life

meatballs with a side of toothpaste

my crew *all the heart eyes emojis* (especially for Sverre's bowtie debut)

up and down the steps - current favorite pastime 

so curious about the crocus yet no crocuses were harmed

plum tree status March 26

We are all loving spring's arrival and post dinner play time in the garden.

- - -

Week 12: March 20-26

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