Monday, 17 April 2017

life, week 11

forever grateful for the helping hands of grandmothers in the busy weekdays // and lovely light at 6:30 pm

Moments like these when they happily play side by side. Sometimes they last longer than I dream of. 

Wednesday 8-8:30 pm. That half hour during my day that I do nothing. Then I get to bed at 9-ish, try to get a good night's sleep until it all starts again at 6 am - on a good day. Puh! Sometimes the speed of the merry-go-round of life is a bit too fast, me thinks.

6 am busy bee

Friday 3 pm // mountain cabin bound // current lap situation // mission: feed the family to avoid a hangry roadtrip

The idyll of two siblings on the same chair does not last long.

weekend highlight // cramming four adults and five kids in a tiny cabin was more successful than we hoped for - even with one kid throwing up during night and two other kids waking up before the birds

- - -

Week 11: March 13-19

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