Friday, 31 March 2017

things I like lately

pussy willow jungle from the 2010 archives

- spring! It's here for real and it feels so good. This afternoon the thermometer reached a whopping 16 degrees Celcius (which is quite unusual for this time of year in this little corner of the world).
- the daffodils in our garden have just started blooming
- the first spotting of a blooming tree with pink blossoms
- pussy willow
- fresh forsythia branches brought to us from my mother-in-law
- trampoline season in on - and I'm having more fun with it than expected
- an unexpected hug from a colleague - I needed it more than expected
- beef stroganoff (a long time favorite) made Sunday evening for dinner both Monday and Tuesday
- just one left of this semester's parent-teacher conferences
- vegetable garden season has just started; Sølve started seeds indoors this week (I think it was carrots, kale, reddish and a few herbs)
- a Friday afternoon surprise visit from our friends and their three children
- curious about these pretty beeswax wraps
- monstera cluster by Esra Røise - would LOVE to have it on our living room wall
- mikrohus

- - -

Things I like lately

- feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by my work load, finding my role as a teacher (constant work in progress) and life in general - luckily the Easter holiday starts in just a week
- I have hardly eaten a vegetable all week - sweet treats on the other hand... (life happened and I quit project I quit sweet treats - planning on getting back on track when life is a little less overwhelming)


  1. Gosh, this picture made my heart jump!

  2. I'm so tired of winter! Isn't it lovely that there is a pinch of spring in the air?
    And: I *NEED* to jump on the #iquitsweets bandwagon.

  3. I love botanical prints too, my favorite are by Living Pattern: (I'm not the artist, just a fan).

    Have you tried quitting dairy products too? It did wonders for my body (I did it after watching Cowspiracy).



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