Saturday, 25 March 2017

things I like lately

hotel room breakfast, Crillon le Brave style // from the 2009 honeymoon archives

So, life happened and nearly three weeks has passed since I last posted here. You know the drill; busy days at work, busy afternoons with the kids, exhausted by 9 pm, then you go away for the weekend and in the end there is no time to blog. These weeks has not been all good busy, but lets rather focus on the opposite. There has been plenty of things to like lately!

- biking to work
- a weekend in Prague with the best of friends
- plenty of time to talk and catch up with said friends
- trdelník with vanilla ice cream
- traditional Czech duck confit with red cabbage and potato gratin
- sleeping in
- time to enjoy a delicious hotel breakfast
- shopping at Cos - a favorite!
- a couple of new lipsticks; L'Absolu Rouge 172 Impatiente (orange red) and 378 Rose Lancôme (pink - a little bit outside my comfort sone)
- feeling (kind of) motivated to go back to project #Iquitsweettreats
- a weekend at the (tiny) mountain cabin with our friends and their three kids - it was crammed but so much fun
- observing that the pappa got a sudden urge to tidy his daughter's room (So. Much. Needed. Always.)
- getting a sudden hit of energy in the evening to make cauliflower soup (made with pork knuckle stock and yellow lentils - so tasty!) for next day's dinner plus do a big load of laundry
- seeing how much Sverre loved said soup - he even preferred it to sausage, which he usually loves
- Sara has discovered the joy of audiobooks - such a great substitute for the iPad (although she prefers the latter)
- bird song in the morning (I do like being woken up at 5 am though)
- observing Sverre discover crocus in the lawn - such a sweet sight
- baby cuddles with nephew H (3 months old)
- hanging out with my darling sister and her family
- bedtime reading for Sara - she is currently hooked on the Detektivbyrå nr. 2 series
- tulips galore in the living room
- brighter mornings

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- realising that the foundation I got recommended in the duty free shop is wrong shade for my skin (high score for first world problem)
- being woken up at 5 am way too often
- I have taken too few photos these last few weeks - I don't like when the busyness of life takes away my photo mojo


  1. Same for the photo thing. Plus life seems so uneventful sometimes that you just feel like there's nothing worth photographing ;(

  2. So good to have you back!



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